rough sex is a constant craving in me

Why I as a phonesex operator love rough sex? Do you want Phone sex tips from all kinds of taboo phonesex. Well, start and end your day with me.

My favorite way to start the day is by giving my man a blow job. Where he loses control and he fucks my face. You know, his hands gripping my hair, yanking my head back and forth on his cock by pulling my hair.  I love when he slams my nose into his tummy, his balls slapping my chin going balls deep with every stroke. The feel of the ridges of his cock scraping across my tongue as precum leaks teasing me with his taste. How his cock pops into my throat over and over. Then he feeds me Jet after jet his cum. Either with his cock buried so deep in my throat that I can feel his cock jerking my throat, or… with me sucking his cock head like I was drinking a thick shake thru a straw.

I love when I make him lose control & he turns savage.

Especially at night, I love to fall asleep feeling claimed. Gods when my pussy feels abused from sex so rough most would think he hated me. I love my man to be in complete control of me. My body held, nipple to knees with my back arched sharply and my ass in the air. Hands gripping hard enough to bruise as he power fucks his cock into my tiny tight pussy. His balls bouncing and smashing my clit like a ram. His cock invading me, crashing into my cervix so hard I cry with the pleasure of each thrust.

I need to feel like he has claimed his territory.

I love to lay there and drift to fall asleep. Exhausted, covered in the sweat of our combined juices, and snuggled tight in his arms. My face buried in his chest hairs and listen as the music of his life soothes me.

LOL, Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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