Cum Fetish Artist Makes His Splash in the Artistic Community!

Would you like to volunteer to be a cum fetish artist’s ultimate masterpiece?  I took a steamy bubble bath.  My body submerged under the light fluffy white bubbles.  They stuck to my form as if holding on for dear life.  The suds hung onto my breasts hungrily as if they wanted to show their purpose.  I was thinking back to when I volunteered to pose for a portrait for a friend.  My friend Stephen wanted to paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece., a magnum opus that would be very unique and special.

I agreed to this venture before understanding fully what would lie in store.  I showed up to the studio early.  Stephen’s easel and paints were arranged for his convenience.  In one part of the room, there stood a long plushy couch.   I slowly removed my red dress, black bra, and matching panties.  He tried a few positions of how he wanted me to lie on the couch.  I knew Stephen’s touch was purely professional, but his light touch across my legs and thighs made me sigh with pleasure.  My nipples hardened as he playfully touched them.  He explained he wanted my nipples hard for the portrait.  Stephen positioned my legs slightly apart with my feet flat on the couch.

The doorbell sounded.  Feeling modest I tried to cover up.

Every man that walked in took my breath away.  Everyone seemed to understand why they were there.  The guys smiled down at me.  There were about six of them.  The men were mixed in race and all sported nice thick penises.  Stephen told me to relax and just have fun and he would paint while he watched us.    The guys converged on me like it was feeding time.  A nice tan cock brushed my smooth face.  I reached out and started rubbing his stiff shaft across my cheek.  His large head was wet with is excitement.  I flicked my pink tongue across the hole savoring its salty taste and silky texture.  His pre cum tasted wonderful across my tongue and lips.

Not to be outdone or ignored the other cocks started rubbing across my hard nipples, my thighs, and my belly.  I took one cock in each hand and spread my legs to make way for a massive cock that slid into my now wet pussy.  I started in surprise when I realized just how big it was.  He pumped me for long moments.  I wanted to get them off but I could hear Stephen telling me to slow down enjoy every moment and not to let them cum yet.  Admittedly, I loved being in control of their ability to cum.  I edged and teased, stroked, and sucked, took a sensual pussy pounding, denied, and backed off making them want me even more.

You could feel the raw energy in the room of horny men who wanted to explode.

Just when they could not take anymore, Stephen gave the go-ahead.  Looking over I could see Stephen rubbing his exposed cock vigorously.  The dam broke in explosive tides.  My body was being covered in their hot cum like a hot milk bath.  Could you imagine the finished masterpiece?  What a great work of art portrayed by a cum fetish artist at his best.

All this artistic creativity makes me think of other sexy ways to mark sexy body parts like the lipstick fetish.


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