How Far Will A Wife Go To Appease Her Husband’s Impregnation Fetish?  

How far would you go to appease someone with an impregnation fetish?   Do you ever rub your partner’s belly and get hard thinking about pregnant sex stories?  In my friend Sarah’s case almost anything.  Sarah and her husband Mark married almost three years ago.  One of the conditions of their marriage is that she produces a family for him.  He was very insistent that she be fertile.  What would he do if she could not produce the egg he wanted to start a family?  Would Mark go outside of the marriage to get what he wanted?  She didn’t even like kids.  Sarah just wanted a husband to take care of her.

Contrary to Sarah’s denial, she knew her husband had an impregnation fetish and knew Mark’s end goal was a family from his seed and her egg.  Sarah didn’t think she could hold out much longer.  Something had to give.  Sarah had her future all planned out.  She called her husband at work and told him the words he was dying to hear.  It was time.  Sarah told Mark that she was ovulating.  Mark came home to a romantic dinner.  Sarah looked lovely dressed in a lingerie piece he had never seen before.  After dinner, they went to their bedroom.  He touched her in a way she had not felt in ages.  Sarah decided to enjoy every moment.

Ready To Fertilize!

When she couldn’t stand the constant teasing, he mounted her and put his penis deep inside of her wet hole.  He thrust long and hard.  Sarah arched her hips to accommodate his length.  Mark was going to fuck his ovulating wife all weekend!  When he was getting close Sarah screamed out her lust to get pregnant and that she was ready.  That was al he needed to hear.  Mark grunted deep in his chest as he released hot jets of semen deep into her creamy hole.

Of course, Sarah had a deep dark secret and a deviant plan.  In the meantime, she would enjoy the special attention to her starving body.  If he only knew what she knew things would be much different.  That however is for a later discussion.  Why not call me and find out?


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