Read About Our Sex Toys Shopping Spree Adventure!

I love sex toys!  Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dick.  However, there is something so exciting about using a toy that is very taboo in design for yourself.  I had long ago discovered the pleasures of my mother’s dildo she had kept tucked away in her nightstand drawer.  One of my friends Vanessa was kind of sheltered by her parents.  We saw Vanessa at some social gatherings if her parents approved of those events.  One day we invited her out to go shopping.  She made the appropriate excuse to her family she was going shopping and then a spend the night at my house.

My friends Becky and Caren accompanied us that night.  You see, we all knew we wanted to take Vanessa’s sex toys shopping.     We dressed nicely but not too over the top so as not to arouse her parent’s suspicion.  We headed to dinner first to get Vanessa a little relaxed.  Now I’m not saying we got Vanessa inebriated. just mellow enough so she would go along with our plan.  We headed to a very nice adult shop.  Upon entering the store Vanessa’s eyes went wide.  You could tell she wanted to walk back out.  After much cajoling and some bullying, we got Vanessa into the store.

There was so much to see and touch.

It was such a delight to touch the sex toys and turn them on.  We helped Vanessa pick out some delightful toys.  We all left with a black bag in hand.  Once home, we let ourselves in and headed to my room.  We talked and laughed as we got settled in for the night.  We all dressed down in panties and small shirts.  All except Vanessa!  We weren’t going to have her get out of having fun tonight!  That did it!  We were going to have to force her out of her clothes!

Becky grabbed her pajama bottoms and took them off.

Caren and I worked on her top, forcing Vanessa’s arms above her head while we slipped her top off.  We all admired Vanessa’s perky breasts and hard nipples.     I playfully kissed Vanessa’s side and tugged on her nipple.  I just loved the way Vanessa struggled against us.  It just made the situation even hotter.  Becky started caressing Vanessa’s inner thigh.  It wasn’t long before struggles turned to moans.  Caren grabbed the toy from Vanessa’s bag.  It was a pink dildo with a vibrator attachment for her pussy.  Caren turned on the toy and let the vibrator hum against her panties.

Vanessa started rocking her hips up and down.  This was almost too much.  We were all getting so turned on watching her get wet in her panties.  I stripped Vanessa’s panties slowly off.  Her panties were soaked with her juices.   We knew this was going to be so much fun teasing her all night!  I lightly ran the toy over Vanessa’s leg.  Vanessa started squirming as Caren and Becky started teasing her nipples.  I ran the vibrator up to her inner thigh.  Vanessa was almost begging for release.

This was only the start of our fun with Vanessa!  Wasn’t that story amazingly erotic?  Wouldn’t you love to hear more?


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