Some of the Most Bizarre Pregnant Sex stories Are Just Too Strange to Make Up.  

I’m sure you have read a lot of pregnant sex stories.  Some are just too weird to make up.  I have a very close circle of friends.  We hang out quite a bit, go to dinner, and stay up late having adult chat and cocktails.  Some of our friendships have lasted many years.  One of my girlfriends is in a very loving relationship with another woman.  This is not another lesbian phone sex story.   They wanted to have a baby.  They loved one another dearly and wanted to go on to the next step of having a beautiful family.

After much plotting, they invited one of their sexy male friends over.  They talked, had a lovely dinner, and started flirting.  Now just to be completely fair, they had given him quite a lot to drink.  By this time he was feeling very happy.  They encouraged him to touch them and flirt with them.  The fun proceeded to the bedroom where things really started to heat up.  Anita would be the mommy to carry the baby.  Our other friend’s name was Seth.  Truthfully Seth didn’t care they were a lesbian couple I would always tell him to stop hoping for anything.

One Thing Leads To Another!

Seth and Anita started making out.  Anita just wanted to get this whole thing over with.  Anita wanted to feel his seed in her as quickly as possible.  Slowly, Anita coaxed and kissed him.  She could feel his hardness against her leg.  He stripped her clothes and laid her on the bed.  Natalie, Anita’s lover stayed by and watched.  She knew the arrangement and wasn’t about to let anything happen more than what they had discussed earlier.

Let’s Make A Beautiful Gift!

He kissed Anita passionately on her lips and skin.  She parted her soft legs for his hardness.  She told him she was ready for his large cock and his seed.  This drove him crazy.  His fantasy had always been to have a threesome with two hot girls.  However, this night would have a much different outcome than he had anticipated.  He sighed when his cock slipped deep into her wet pussy.  She was so ready and fertile.  She cried out for Seth to fuck her and that she wanted to feel his hot cum fill her hot slit.  He held back hesitating the guy part of him wanted to fuck her tight hole.  The other part of him wanted to make this last.  Who knew when he would be with two women again?

Anita’s insistent bucking underneath him undid him at that point.  It was almost more than a sex-starved low libido could handle.  He knew it would be all over soon.  I honestly think the girls knew this too.  What do you think happened next?  Did Seth have the seed Anita needed?

I love pregnant sex stories.  What are some of your favorite impregnation sex stories?  Let’s have some amazing fetish phone sex and cum together while I share even more details of this couple’s journey to become pregnant.

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