Adult Sex Stories with Teen and her friends

I love telling adult sex stories, which one should I tell? Oh, I know, I’ll tell the one about when I first moved to my current apartment.

So the day we moved in, I had a few of my friends help. Once we got all moved in, we were all sweating and the exhausted-the apartment was on the third floor after all and no elevator.  On top of that, it was also June, so it was hot that day.  Sitting on the couch, my skin glistening with sweat, I decided I couldn’t take the stickiness of my clothes anymore.

“You guys don’t mind if I start taking my clothes off, do you? Because I can’t stay in these wet clothes anymore.” Without letting anyone answer, I started to pull off my tank top.

Kelsey said “I’m so glad you are on the same page I am!” and also began to take off her clothes.

Once the guys recovered from the shock of what was happening, they happily joined in and started to strip, too.  It was about to get much hotter.  As I slid my panties down, I saw that Brendan had something pop up.  I scooted next to him on the couch and put my mouth on his quick hardening cock. He stiffened as my mouth covered his cock.

“Hey! I want in on that!” Kelsey exclaimed. She had just noticed what she was missing.  She pushed Brendan down and sat on his face.

Now Drew was the jealous one.  He came up behind me and stuck his big black cock right in my tight pussy.

We all fucked right there on the couch, switching around a few times, finally ending with Kelsey and I on our knees, mouths spread wide, waiting for the hot cum to fall onto our faces as the boys came.

I almost forgot how much fun that was. I have to think about my adult sex stories more often!


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