Read One of My Hot College Sex Stories Where Night Time Class Turns to Heart Racing Fun!

Ah, the carefree days back in school where I had some of my most incredible college sex stories still flash in my mind on occasions like these during the lazy balmy evenings.  For those of you who enjoy fetish phone sex who can resist a good romp about college grounds with your hot college girls?

I was taking a music course in singing.  It was mostly just an extra course I took to get some college credits.  Every two weeks we would learn a new song of our choosing, and perform it for others.  The boring part was sitting through all the performances.  This may have looked like fun because at that time you’re not doing anything else but sitting.  Song after song becomes almost boring putting you in a hypnotic state.  That night a guy I had been seeing for a little bit came to class with me to sit in the audience.  His name was Blake.  Of course, after an hour I started to feel sleepy.

During intermission, Blake suggested we go and get some air.  I was definitely game for this idea.  We walked to a building where we could have privacy.  This building housed some classrooms and lecture halls.  We decided to try some of the doors to see if anyone kept their classes unlocked.  We found a smaller lecture room and stepped inside.  This room had steps that led upwards into rows and rows of desks.  We climbed to the top row and sat on the floor.  The room was almost pitch dark.  We talked in low whispers.

One Thing Led to Another!

Our talk led to touching and of course, touching led to kisses and making out.  Blake laid me down on the floor and slowly stripped away my pants and panties kissing each area of skin that became exposed.  His tongue was warm and sensual.  He parted my legs and slowly started to circle my pussy with his tongue.  I could feel the waves of pleasure building under his expert manipulation.  Just the act of doing something so brazen and skipping class was pretty hot.  My orgasm rocked my core as I tried not to cry out.

Blake kissed his way up to my breasts stopping to suckle my hard nipples into his mouth before mounting my body and slipping into my wet depths.  He was so large it hurt for a moment.  I parted my legs farther to make room.  All of my muscles screamed in both pain and pleasure as his size stretched my very limits of what I thought was possible.  Our bodies moved as one, sensually rocking up and down.  My arms held him close gripping him tightly.  Suddenly the door opened and I could hear a booted shoe step into the dark lecture room.  I could hear the sound of a walkie-talkie radio worn by the security and maintenance crew.  My heart sunk down into the pit of my abdomen.  A cold sweat ran along my body.  Blake covered my mouth to muffle my fast breathing.

I can’t wait to tell you what happened next.  This story makes me ready for some live adult chat right now!  I am anxious to hear all about your school day play time dates with hot college girls and some of your own college sex stories that you would like to share with me as I tell you all of my exciting adventures.

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