These Hot College Girls Know How To Party!

When you think of that college girl or a few hot college girls what comes to mind?  Do you think of late-night parties, drinking games, fiercely independent girls tasting their first time at freedom from their mommy and daddy’s house?  Well, a lot of the girls I knew going to school were very hard-working, but when it was time to play, these amazing hot college girls played hard and enjoyed every moment.  I remember my first year of college four of us went on a road trip for Spring Break.  We couldn’t wait.  Our trip took us to Miami where you know a good time is just around the corner and that city does not sleep for Spring Break.  It’s just pumping with parties, late-night fun, expensive clubs, and hot guys!

I remember we all vowed to stick together as we didn’t know the area.  My friends Terra, Sarah, Caren, and I were ready for a good time!  Caren was very outgoing and it didn’t take long for her to find some guys to mingle with.  We danced and partied very late.  The night was going so well that we decided to get a hotel to continue the festivities.  Once, inside the room, we all hooked up with our guys for the night.  We decided to play a sexy game of drink or dare.  You either choose truth or dare.  If you chose either and didn’t go forth with the dare or answer the question, you had to drink.

What Would You Choose?

We had fun learning about one another and drinking sometimes when it wasn’t even our turn.  On one truth or dare a guy dared Sarah to lick Terra’s pussy.  Now the guys hadn’t realized just how close we were.  Sarah came right over to Terra and knelt down lifted Terra’s short skirt and buried her face between her legs.  This was turning us all one.  Sarah licked pussy really well!  Caren came over and started to lick my pussy.  I spread my legs and enjoyed every moment of Caren’s skillful tongue on my clit!

The guys seeing this free show and game forgotten started to jerk their cocks.  I’m not sure what I enjoyed more watching Terra get her pussy licked, enjoying Caren’s face under my skirt, or their hard dicks at attention.  I felt a hand on my breast as a guy stuck his cock in my open mouth.  I hungrily started to suck his dick.  He tasted so good!  This was more than Terra or I could take and we came hard.  Spreading my legs another guy mounted me.  It was ecstasy getting my holes filled and watching my horny hot college girls taking hot cock!

This was definitely a trip to remember!  Would you like to talk more about hot college girls?

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