This College Girl Just Wants to  Have Fun!

Did you go to school with a fun-loving college girl?  Just uttering the word college girls makes you smile in a rueful reminiscent away look.   Ah, remember those days of college, those sexy college sex stories?  You just graduated, out on your own well sort of if you were lucky to live in a dorm with other friends and not stuck with your parents.  I remember college girls used to be a lot different according to my parents.  Now you have party animals who will do almost anything including cell phone sex.  I debated with my mom and told it was called sexting.

My friends Mel and Caren wanted to spend Spring Break in Miami and get a nice hotel by the beach.  I was game for some mid-term fun.  We spent a whole day at the mall getting new skirts, panties, bras, cute tops, heels, and all manner of sexy apparel.  The big day came and there were all kinds of downtown venues hosting parties and street music and hot DJs.  We all dressed in our cutest skirts, tops, and stockings, with black pump heels.  Of course, luck would have it we got a little toasted on adult drinks.  I think Mel got the most toasted.

Cute Guy!

A hot guy walked up to us during the music and asked Mel to dance.  He flirted with her as he turned and twisted her on the dance floor.  I was glad to see Mel letting loose and having some fun.  She had just gotten out of a hectic relationship and love was the last thing that was on her time at that moment.  The lights dimmed and they started to playfully kiss and make out on the dance floor.  No one seemed to care as others were similarly making out and petting.  You see in Miami, a lot of people hook up over Spring Break.

Eyes On Mel!

We looked over at Mel.  She was laughing and blushing and shaking her long hair.  He just wanted to take a photo of a hot college girl like Mel Dance.  What was the harm in that?  She playfully started to dance in front of his camera.  He started taking videos of her sexy form dancing and shaking her hips.  As the night wore on her moves got more daring and bold.  She flashed her titties to her male admirer.  As the music pumped she twirled shaking her body and she shook out of her skirt and was left in stockings and pumps.

People were cheering her on and egging her to take it off, take it off.  The party was getting started.  Other girls joined in for the on-camera fun!  Another guy joined Mel on camera and started to grind against her hips.  You could see his big bulge.  Mel knelt down and took his hardness out of his hiding place.  She hungrily sucked his cock not remembering the camera was still on.  The cameraman was encouraging her to suck that cock, calling her a slutty college girl.  Everyone knew Mel was a bit loose when you got her wasted.  I have to admit she knew how to suck cock and do it well.  She could deep-throat some big monsters!

This was only the beginning of what happened.  Want to party with me?  C’mon you know you want to get wild on our phone sex lines.

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