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Impregnation sex stories make my loins crave that special addition to the family.  Everyone with a hot impregnation fetish can definitely appreciate this story.  What an amazing moment for man and woman to fertilize that special new addition to the family with egg and sperm.  Every woman wants an ideal experience they can look back on and retell to their legacy.  With all the hard work comes the fun part of making that badly needed son or daughter.

Antonio, my husband was returning from a business trip. It had been so long since I felt him deep within me.  Well…perhaps not that long, but it felt like an eternity for me.  I had hinted that it was time to try again.  We all know what that phrase means.  Anyway, I set the mood with a nice dinner.  I made my husband’s favorite dish.  We sat together in the living room and sipped some wine. I wanted to make this a nice cup of wine just in case this would be my last one for a while.

My hands ran along my husband’s leg.

He sighed enjoying my caressing touch along his thigh.  I could see his ample bulge in his pants and knew he wanted to have some fun just as much as I did.  We walked back to the bed where we continued our lovemaking.  My husband lit some candles and played some soft music.  I stirred inside remembering this song as our song.  I’ll never forget when he played it for me and dedicated this as our song together.

His lips kissed expertly down my curves, stopping to graze on my breasts, and tease my belly button.  I loved the way his tongue played with my piercing.  Before making love to me, he knelt between my legs and I stroked his long rod.  I loved seeing how my hand wrapped around him.  A moan escaped his lips.  Taking my hand away gently from his cock, he laid me down and gave me a wonderful pussy licking. I cried out as my nectar flowed freely to his face.

The feel of my husband’s cock was familiar and sensual.  The head of his dick found its way into my tight opening.  I wanted this night to just last.  My internal clock was ready to take his seed, to feel his hot cum empty inside of me, and fertilize my waiting egg.  I wanted that baby!

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