Come With Me Behind This Clothes Rack and Peek Inside My Bag of Sex Stories!

Sex stories and shopping, really?  Who would have thought.?  Shopping is fairly a tame venture compared to other things like cum fetish, right?  Certainly not me!  I never dreamed a shopping trip would turn hot!  It was a rainy Sunday afternoon.  It had been raining here for the last several weeks.  I’ve become rather used to afternoon showers.  Even the forecast of rain never caused an eyebrow raise.  Most of the time, it will rain for a short time, then stop.

My husband and I headed to the mall to buy some things for a trip coming up.  I was rather surprised and annoyed there were no friendly shop girls to assist the customers.  The shop seemed so quiet.  We came to a rack of pretty tops.  My husband held up a low-cut pink top.  The material was soft, light, and very see-through.  My husband told me to just take my shirt off and try the top on in the aisle as no one was coming.  Blushing, I looked around and saw no one coming.  Lifting my shirt over my head, I felt so exposed.  The air hit my arms and my nipples hardened instantly.

The top was stunning.  I decided to look at other clothes.

While trying on a light silky nightie with thin straps, my husband ducked below the racks.  Suddenly I felt kisses along my legs.  His warm wet lips kissed along my thigh.  I held onto the rack trying not to cry out.  My lower lip trembled excitedly.  I felt Tony’s tongue part my pussy lips.  He expertly slipped my panties to the side and went in for some sweet pussy.  My hands grabbed onto the rack as I fucked his face.  What if  I got caught with my husband’s head between my legs at the mall?  Tony and I had so many hot sex stories and adventures together!  Tony’s warm tongue flicked my clit to a crazy frenzy.  My legs shook as I held onto the racks steadying myself.

Tony stood up and we kissed passionately.  I could taste my pussy on his lips.  Our tongues danced sensuously as I reached down and grasped my husband through his pants.  He was rock-hard.  He pushed my hand with his cock, letting me know his intentions.  I wanted to fuck my husband right here while no one was coming.  Would we have the time?  Suddenly my husband took my hand and walked me to the dressing rooms.  Smiling defiantly, we headed into the women’s dressing room.

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