Weddings Were Usually Boring But I Made The Best Of This One

Weddings aren’t usually known for their crazy sex stories. The wedding night maybe, but the actual wedding? Well I was at a wedding last weekend, I was a bridesmaid and it was kind of dull. I was sort of roped into the whole thing and decided to make the best of it. One of the other bridesmaid’s was a bit wild and she was bored as hell too and sh

Gisele has crazy sex stories

e and I were certainly taking advantage of the open bar and getting pretty plastered. When we came up with this bet of who could suck off the most guy before the reception was over. I was more than game, as there were many good looking guys at this wedding. And I hardly knew any of them.

I hit on one of the groomsmen first and dragged him into the coat room. He too was half in the bag. And it didn’t take much convincing for me to let me suck his cock. I decided t

o collect the boutonnieres of all the guys I sucked off. And told her to do the same, the one with most at the end of the night won. After I got my first load of cum. I smiled as I removed his boutonniere and put it in my purse, he certainly didn’t mind parting with it after the cock licking and sucking I gave him.

I Had Planned To Win This Crazy Competition

I’m sure the hotel the reception was in had seen plenty of crazy sex stories. But the ballroom the reception was in, I’m not so sure. Many of the guests were from out of town and many had booked rooms in the hotel. So I knew one guy I’d had my eye on was staying upstairs.

I approached him and he was certainly open to some impromptu fun. And we went up to his room and I sat him on the edge of the bed. And unzipped him and drooled all over his cock and pumped it and slurped away on it. Until I was given my second mouthful of jizz for the evening. He asked if he could help me out as well. But I said I had to get back to the reception. And I snatched the boutonniere off his lapel and was back down to find my third cock of the evening.

I Sucked Off One After The Other

I noticed several men now were missing their boutonnieres. Ones I’d sucked and apparently ones the other bridesmaid had gotten to. This was the most fun contest I’d been a participant in, in a while! This time I really wanted to win, so I spotted two gorgeous college aged identical twin males. And knew this would be the jackpot. They were pretty drunk and were laughing all the way as we went back to their room. And I then sucked both of them off at the same time, alternating between sucking one and stroking the other. One in each hand. I was given two mouthfuls of cum and two more boutonnieres for my efforts.

Crazy Sex Stories At A Wedding

Surely one more guy would make me the winner at five, I was in slut mode tonight for sure. And found another guest and was soon back in the coat room for a blow job quickie. I had yet another boutonniere, and found the other bridesmaid. I’d sucked off five guys and she only three. She laughed and called me a slut when she saw me lay out all the boutonnieres. So this is the most amusing and slutty of my crazy sex stories involving weddings, in any case.

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