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Do you know any BBC Cuckold in your circle of acquaintances?  A cuckold relationship is definitely a fascinating arrangement.  They don’t all look like it on the outside.  Many don’t even know this is what they were born to be!  Hardly any of my friends engaged in this kind of adult chat discussion!  It’s like a big juicy secret waiting to burst out of the closet!

A few friends and their significant other decided to go on a much-needed cruise.  During my time out on the seas while on vacation with my friends, my friend Annette went back to her stateroom stating she had ordered an in-room massage from the cruise ship’s spa.  Our eyes raised in surprise because we knew something was up.  Annette was notorious for being very free-spirited!  She wouldn’t be pacified with just a massage. I don’t think marriage to her husband reduced those desires she had inside of her.  Annette’s husband Tony was very clean-cut, hard-working, very muscular, and manly in appearance.  Her husband Tony returned to their stateroom a while later.  Upon approaching their door, he heard a noise behind the door that sounded like laughing and moaning.  Tony put his ears to the door, very intent on discovering its source.

He could hear his wife moaning in pleasure. 

She was after all supposed to be getting a massage right?  Tony’s jealousy and curiosity got the better of him and he opened the door slowly.  Through the crack in the door, he could see Annette on the bed with her hands on her.  Not one set of hands but two sets of big muscular black hands.  Tony stood fixed to the floor with his mouth hanging open trying to find the words that wouldn’t come out.

All the pieces started coming together.  All the late arrivals home from work, why she always had male friends coming to supposedly visit.  Tony wondered how long Annette has been messing around.  His wife was enjoying a most sensual rub down.  She was on her back, her beautiful legs spread across the bed.  Tony could see how wet Annette’s pussy was.  Her juices glistened on her pussy lips dripped in a slow ebb down the crack of her beautiful ass.

Annette seductively beckoned him over.  As they massaged, they were all getting so horny.  Instinctively she could tell from the bulge in their pants they were thick and juicy.  She wanted Tony to watch her getting fucked by some real man’s cock and wanted him to help her.  Now that the truth was out Tony could be privileged enough to help out and if he was a good boy he could have sloppy seconds.   Helpless, jealous, but mostly turned on Tony came over to his loving wife.  Even on her back, she could make him do anything.  For anyone who loves cuckold phonesex play you can imagine how sensual sharing such an experience can be.  Annette was always so bossy so this didn’t surprise anyone when it all came out.

Annette coaxed a willing Tony to take care of the guests so they can get ready to fuck her holes. 

Tony pulled down one of their pants and beheld a cock so massive he knew he would choke.  It had been ages since he sucked cock.  A secret he had wanted to hide.  We all knew Tony loved sucking cock back in college.  He knelt down and tentatively started to lick the head.  This pleased his wife and she started touching her pussy.  The man’s juicy dick slid easily into Tony’s waiting mouth.  “Tony hungrily sucked and wrapped his lips firmly around the shaft.  Even Annette was surprised to see such a large cock slide into her husband’s mouth.  Annette had all kinds of plans for him!

When the moment was right, he helped guide their cocks into her waiting pussy.  She screamed feeling the length penetrating deep within her.  Her sexy body writhed as they fucked her.  He watched fixated as his wife enjoyed getting stuffed.  He knew after tonight that he enjoyed being Annette’s BBC cuckold and watching her with bigger men.  Want to hear the rest?

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