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Everyone loves a great humiliating cuckold stories blog about that hot girlfriend who won’t touch you anymore!  I could tell you this BBC Cuckold story!  Well, I’m getting ahead of myself here!  I was dating a guy.  For now, we’ll call him Kyle.  For the short duration Kyle and I dated, we had a steamy open relationship.  We were both free to fuck whoever we wanted!  It was the best of both worlds.  I still had a loving boyfriend to take care of me and visa versa, but when we felt adventurous we could go seek that adventure.  Heck, we even joined in on each other’s sexual escapades in some hot threesomes.   The only rule was when we were with other people we had to use a condom to prevent pregnancy and for other obvious reasons.

Well our cuckold stories adventure takes us to a nice all-inclusive resort.

We had decided to go away for a while and enjoy ourselves!  At first, the vacation was going swimmingly well.  A few days later, I was at the poolside bar and met a handsome guy.  His name was Jason.  Through our talk, we discovered we were both not having such a nice time.  Jason’s wife wouldn’t fuck him because she was afraid the young ones would hear them.  They had adjoining rooms.  Hesitating, I confided that I caught my boyfriend when coming back to the room fucking another woman without a condom.  I begged for him to stop fucking her wet pussy without a condom or he would get her pregnant!  He came deep inside her in all about two minutes.  That’s another thing, my boyfriend is very inadequate in size.

Jason and I decided to go back to my room and have some fun. When we stepped into the room, I could hear the familiar moaning from one of my boyfriend’s porno movies.  Jason and I started making out and slowly undressing while my boyfriend slowly turned his attention to us.  He starts to jack his tiny dick.  He asks if he could join in to which I laugh and tell him Jason is all mine for tonight and I would be all his.  If he was good, I’d let him cum.  Jason kissed my entire body savoring each sexy contour with his lips.  His tongue expertly teased my pussy to fiery desire.  Jason spread my legs and came up between my thighs.  He plunged his length while my boyfriend let out a groan of desire watching us.

Can you imagine the scene in this hot cuckold stories adventure?

Jason fucked me with passion!  Kyle watched fascinated while his dick filled and stretched out my pussy with his more than ample cock.  I screamed out in ecstasy as I creamed all over his cock.  I begged for Jason’s cum deep inside my hole.  My boyfriend shot me a look begging me not to let him cum without a condom.  I laughed reminding Kyle what he did and that all he would have a date with tonight was his hand and a sexy video about other cuckold stories.

What do you think happened next?  Let’s talk about some of your favorite cuckold stories!  Bring that tiny cock here to me and we’ll have some hot cuckold phone sex role-play fun!

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