Cuckold Gold Medal Winner Puts Loser Boyfriend in Last Place!

I was once first in her life, now I’m the last-place loser cuckold.  The cheers from the crowd, the illustrious Gold Medal, and the pride within knowing you won not only a Medal for you but for your country goes down in history.  She looks so stunning.  I can’t get enough of her cute body, those soft Asian eyes, her beautiful hair flowing behind her, her small kissable lips, that cute squeezable ass.  I look for her hoping to catch her before the party, but she is surrounded by media and a crowd of onlookers.  Well, that’s okay, I’ll see her at the party tonight.  I’m so proud of my girl.  She makes me swell with pride and hard as a rock.  I can’t wait to be with her.  How long has it really been since I’ve been with her?  I’m just fooling myself.   Perhaps tonight would be so different.

The party is so crowded.  There’s food and drink in plenty.  People come dressed in their finest.  Music blazes from the speakers letting everyone know it’s party time!  Frantically, I  go in search of her.  I need to make things right.  Oh how long it has been since things have been right.  Things have changed. between us.  She still loves me, I think.  I’m the provider, I take care of her, providing everything she could ever want.  I head down a dimly lit hall and hear some muted noises.   The door at the end of the hall is cracked.  I peer through the door and cannot believe what I see.  I see another man, he looks familiar to me.

Where have I seen his face?  He is on another team, but from which country?

The black stallion stood before my girl.  My beautiful girlfriend was on her knees teasing his cock with her tongue.  I was so angry but oh so turned on.  She never swallowed my dick that way.  She took cock like she was made to house big cock down her throat.  What would our families think?  Impulsively I took my cock out and started rubbing it between my fingers.  I was hypnotized to the spot.  His cock grew and grew becoming so large and extended.  He grabbed her by the hair and I realized with horror that she loved it.  I never did  that to her.  Is that what she wanted, a real man to treat her like a whore?

He forced her to turn around and pulled down her panties to her knees and mounted that sweet tight pussy.  He pounded her tight hole almost pushing her to her stomach with the force of his thrust.  The scene before me was turning me on so much!  As I touched my little weenie I knew this is what she deserved a real man with a man-sized dick and not a small tiny weenie like mine.

He fucked her long and deep making her cry out in…. in a way she never did for me.

I hung my head in shame knowing that I could never satisfy her the way she deserved.  She would come home tonight her cream pie filled with his cum.  I would gladly lick her pussy clean just to be near her.  She was the stunning Gold Medal Winner putting her sissy cuckold boyfriend in last place.

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