Cuckold Relationship Becomes One Man’s Dream Or Sentence?

Do you know anyone in a cuckold relationship?   Cuckold stories are not a thing of fiction.  Oh sure, probably not the kind of fireside adult chat that is normally brought up in normal polite conversations.  Even the most unlikely of men can be the biggest cuckolds.  Perhaps there’s one in your circle of friends?   Some guys have cuckolds written all over their faces.  Justin was not one of those guys which surprised the heck out of all of us!  Her man was a sturdy jean jean-wearing, biker marine with a great job.  At work, Justin was used to managing others.

In one case, there’s my friend Justin and his wife Katherine.  Katherine was always very proper!  She flounced around in her fine linens and skirts, heels, all the newest hairstyles, and designer clothing.   Katherine was a knock-out, painstakingly gorgeous, almost perfect lady with an enviable body that other girls wanted and guys had to touch.  I’ll never forget the day she came into our lives.  We all admired her and wanted to look like her.  Katherine had beautiful flowing brown hair and sparkling brown eyes that seemed to stare into your soul.  She had perky breasts a slim hourglass-like waist and a derriere that the guys all wanted to grab!

Katherine took Justin by surprise.  Despite her beauty, there’s something that warned us! 

They started dating and all was well.  Personally, I believe this honeymoon period was just so she could get Justin excited about the future and then trap him!   They eventually got a place together.  Routine started.  They would go to work and come home.  Perhaps Katherine got bored of the same routine.  She started coming home from work late.  Katherine said it was a project at work that had a pressing deadline. Justin accepted this as truth, after all his job often had deadlines he expected his team to make.

On one rare evening, Katherine came in.  They talked pleasantly together and had some cocktails which subsequently took the fun into their bedroom.  Upon undressing Katherine, Justin noticed a bra and panty set he had never seen her wear for him before.  It was a red lacy bra and panty with very fine lace.  The bra had a cut out for her nipples to poke through.  He found this kind of odd but sexy at the same time.  He laid Katherine on their bed and started kissing her all over.  She enjoyed the attention.

When Justin removed Katherine’s panties, he noticed an unfamiliar odor on the crotch of her panties. 

He brought the crotch to his nose.  It was definitely another man’s sperm on her panties.  He could make out the very wet spot.  Rather than spoil the moment, he continued to her pussy.  She was very wet and fresh.  He was so confused, upset, and extremely horny at this point.  He started eating her creamy pussy.  As he worked her with his tongue he got her to talk dirty.  He missed how she used to get dirty in bed.  As he licked and worked on her clit she opened up and told him she had been sleeping with her boss for some time.

Katherine said she liked the excitement of something newer and bigger inside of her filling up her pussy and making her scream like the woman she was inside.  Katherine admitted her boss made her feel long-time urges that she couldn’t get from Justin.  Justin was a bit hurt but very hot that he was tasting another man on her pussy.  She ground her pussy into his face and told Justin if he was good he could have sloppy seconds and maybe cum.  After all, she couldn’t feel much when he entered her and she was doing this for his benefit right?  Those of you who know about cuckold phone sex can understand the complexity and raw cuckold relationships that some couples share.

When Justin satisfactorily cleaned out her pussy she beckoned him to enter her pussy. 

Just the thought that he was fucking Katherine after another bigger man had been inside of her was almost enough to send him over the edge.  Perhaps that’s why Katherine got tired of him his size, his inability to last long or make her cum.  At this point, Justin was too horny to care.  With the acceptance of his future before him he pictured what would lie ahead for him.

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