Babysitter Sex Stories: Peeping through the window of past memories.

Babysitter Sex Stories- Babysitting since before High School, it was well known in the neighborhood I would always be of service should the need arise. I have many Babysitter Sex Stories to share but this one is my favorite. One of my favorite neighbors had gone out with her husband and asked me if I would mind babysitting for a few hours.   Jared, her son was also coming into town at some point from college today.  Curious how he turned out, a few wicked thoughts about how the college girls were treating him crossed my mind.

See, I used to see him staring at me from across the street when I would be in my room.

With purpose, I would leave the light on and the window open so he could watch me undress and masturbate. I would massage and tease my nipples in the mirror, rubbing my pussy on my pillow while he would stroke his cock. Never mentioning it, it was just one of those things we shared.

Getting the kid to bed when I heard a door slam outside. I was in shock; He was a man!

Following closely behind was a young, college girl  Quickly noticing her perky breasts and tight clothes,  her yoga pants outlining pussy lips and a perfect young body, I couldn’t help but let my mind drift to  threesome sex stories.

“Jazmin? Well hey,” he said with a mischievous smile. “ How are you? I didn’t expect to see you here. This is Crystal.”

“Ya, your mom asked me to babysit for a bit. How are you? You look great.” I responded, feeling my cheeks get red.

Walking into the kitchen when Jared coyly asks me to go upstairs with him and his girlfriend, saying he had something he wanted to share with me. Entering his room,  I could see mine across the street from the window. The memories taking me right back.

“You know, Jazmin is the one who taught me how to have phone sex. I use to watch her rub her hot pussy all over her stuffed animals. Sitting right there in the window, she would rub her hands all over her wet lips while I would stroke my cock. She didn’t know it then, but I learned a lot from her.”

 She turned and looked at me and suddenly started kissing me passionately. “You taught him well,” she said with a sly smile.

I couldn’t help but enjoy her warm lips on mine. I backed up shyly and asked what he had to show me. He was sitting on the bed stroking his cock, throbbing and massive. I felt my pussy heat up as Crystal started sucking his dick. I sat next to him, while Crystal moved over to me. Ripping off my panties, she sucked hard and deliberately on my clit.

Jared stood up behind Crystal and shoved his cock in her pussy as she let out a moan.

She started sucking my clit even harder bringing me closer and closer to ecstasy!


I’d also love to hear about your wild nights and adventurous fuck stories while I play with my pussy and think about your cock. Talk to you soon.

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