Panty Fetish: The Neighbor Boy Stole My Underwear!

Panty fetish Jared is what I call him now; Over the years he has really put a dent in my underwear drawer.

 Seemingly, they disappear every time I am babysitting his sister and need to stay over. Furthermore, Jared in undeniably the culprit. Infiltrating his way into my panty drawer has been something of a quest for him over the years. In essence, We could call it our little “dirty little secret”. Stealing my underwear, and gazing at me while I undress or am masturbating in my room; these have become rituals for us over the years.

Feeling like a super sleuth, I did some investigating while I was babysitting the other day, Quite the assortment of my panties stashed in his room.

 Yearning to see exactly what it was about them he enjoyed so much, I watched hungrily from my room, working on my Babysitter Sex Stories. Not hearing him arrive, I noticed his light switch on; cat-like, I promptly adjusted my attention to observing. Fetching one of my favorite red silk thongs from his nightstand and lying on his bed, he began insufflating them and pawing at his cock through his pants.  Taking them down and tossing them on the floor, he proceeded to massage my panties on his balls.

Watching this, I could not help but be aroused

Feeling my pussy getting warm and moist, I watched him pull them over his head, placing the crotch right on the front of his face. Licking them and mouthing my name with every elongating stroke of his throbbing dick; it was fascinating how much he was enjoying the scent of my pussy, lingering in the lacy, soft, cottony lingerie.

Sitting up and thrusting into his strong grip, He hollered out “Fuck my cock Jazmin, you sexy little slut!”

For that reason, I turned on the light and joined in on the fun, masturbating my pussy while he indulged in his panty fetish. Pulling the panties off his face, he smiled and wrapped them softly around his cock,  I could tell by his face he was about to cum. Straddling my chair, I began grinding my pussy, imagining his thick strong cock penetrating me. Pounding in one last thrust, he let out a sigh of release, his cum shooting into my panties.


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