RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Feminized Little Sissy

Feminized Little Sissy Gets Treated Like A Whore, And Cleans Up

I love leashes. The power they give me. Being able to hold onto them and pull yo...

fat old cuck

Fat Old Cuck Santa Watches New Toys Get Used On His Wife

For some people, it’s Christmas day that is the best part of Christmas. Fo...

slutty little faggot

Slutty Little Faggot Will Get A Humiliating Gangbang Then Eat CUM

Sometimes my little submissive boys aren’t even worth fucking. In fact, so...

holiday panty bitch

Holiday Panty Bitch Owned And Blackmailed Publicly Like You Deserve

Dominating little panty boys is always fun to me. Especially around the holidays...

Stuff his Turkey

Stuff His Turkey ~ Like the Pig He Is!

I’m feeling in a festive mood and ready to stuff some Turkey! However,  I...

Glory Hole Cum Slut

Glory Hole Cum Slut – Little Sissy Bitch Spending His Night on His Knees

I have been training a new sissy boy. He is a pretty thing too. His choice of fa...

Submissive Little Sissy

Submissive Little Sissy With Pathetic Cock Gets Punishment In Dress

I’m not kidding when I ask you to bring your dirty twisted sexual fantasie...

Craving Hardcore Humiliation

Craving Hardcore Humiliation – In Need Of Some Little Bitches To Berate

I am the best at fucking with little loser bitches. In fact, I feel I have to st...

Sexy Bonfire Party

Sexy Bonfire Party – Everyone Naked in the Country Fucking Each Other

It starts with us collecting a ton of perfect pieces of wood for the fire over t...

BBW Cheating Sex

BBW Cheating Sex – Loving the Naughty Fun of Fucking Side Pieces!

For me, the naughty fun of fucking a side piece is a real thrill. In fact, BBW c...

Hot Sloppy Cock Sucking

Hot Sloppy Cock Sucking – Sexy BBW Slut Gives You Happy Ending

One thing I am amazing at is my hot sloppy cock sucking. In fact, guys are alway...

Beautiful BBW SPH

Beautiful BBW SPH – This Gorgeous Woman Humiliates Your Tiny Dick

  It continually amazes me to see how many men have those tiny little dicks...

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