It starts with us collecting a ton of perfect pieces of wood for the fire over time. We are having this sexy bonfire party at my friend’s place in the country. She is so far out, there is no one else around for miles.

Once the woodpile is ready, we have a date set and everyone is getting a text for that date. Of course, we have all been waiting for our first big fire of the season.

And, we know it will be a dirty night too. Full of sexy men and women, completely naked fucking each other, in the middle of nowhere. Indeed, we get wild.

Our sexy bonfire party has no boundaries!

That is the point. For us, it is a place to have fun and release any stress. Along with that, we get to enjoy our carnal side as well. Another one of our friends has a property that sits on the lake.

He hosts a kinky lake party for us. His place is a huge, fancy house and it is a swinger’s fantasy. Needless to say, I have a great time there as well! Everyone attending does.

Even though it is a wonderful event, it isn’t my favorite thing. I love a good old sexy bonfire party so much more! For me, I love a good time with good friends. Especially if sexy men are going to be there!

That is why I am one of the first ones to arrive.

I am there to help set up and get things ready for the night. Of course, most folks bring a dish, but my friend cooks up meat and other side dishes too. So we have lots of prep.

Indeed, with all the sex we are going to be doing, we need lots of energy later. Eating good food keeps us going all night long! We may even get kinky with the desserts later.

One never knows what is going to happen once the sex starts. Seriously, we get so into each other and it is no holds barred for us at our sexy bonfire party. That is why it is so fucking fun!

No leaves our sexy bonfire party unsatiated!

It is insane how many times we cum during the fun. We are basically in a full-on outdoor orgy with each other. And, in truth, there are no words that can explain the pure pleasure we experience.

As the night progresses and we are having some drinks and tokes, we start loosening up. Everyone is getting horny and starts making out with each other. We start undressing each other.

The sexy bonfire party is really amping up at this point. Then, we all move to the pallets on the ground. Kissing, touching, exploring each other. Each year is different on how many people are attending.

Sometimes it is twenty people and sometimes there are fifty people.

This year, there are about thirty-five people and we are all on the pallets. Intertwining with each other. I am kissing a woman as I feel this guy’s hands on me.

Then, he is rolling me on my back. He is eating my pussy as she is sitting on my face so I can eat her pussy too. There is another couple playing with my BBW body as this is going on.

Our sexy bonfire party is getting hot now! He gets between my legs and starts sliding his nine-inch cock into my pussy. Damn, that feels so good. The woman on my face is cumming.

She climbs off and starts licking her juice off and kissing me at the same time.

I am kissing her and the other couple as the guy is fucking me. This is just the beginning of our night. Are you curious to know what else happens? Call me for the best phone sex to find out!