I’m not kidding when I ask you to bring your dirty twisted sexual fantasies to me. I don’t know why, but there are a few who still hold back from opening up. But hey, getting them to be comfortable around me is so much fun. Some ex-vanilla’s of mine switched to hardcore bondage, others became my personal submissive little sissy bitch. It’s amazing how drastic these boring men can change for me. Are you ready for my BBW Sissy Boy Training?

Story Of The Second Option

Just yesterday, there was a guy like that. When he came over to fuck me, I could tell he wanted more than just vanilla sex. I could tell he wanted more than his girlfriend would dare give him. I couldn’t tell at first which side of the kinky spectrum he was swinging, but when they are leaning towards being a submissive little sissy, it usually doesn’t take too long to figure out. For a moment, I wondered if I could get him all opened up.

He did eventually open up. But that was only after my deep throating skills had sent him to heaven and back. Every time I took a breath I would ask small questions, so, all he needed to do was nod. It turned out my sweet client wanted to fall at my feet and worship me as a loyal little fucktoy.

Get Ready My Submissive Little Sissy

I can be all things to all my sexy men, and ‘dominatrix’ most certainly is on the list. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t like every moment of belittling him for his lack of’s. It is also a little too easy to make fun of someone with a small worthless little cock like his. He wasn’t as endowed between his legs as he’d like to be, and it made him feel inadequate. He felt like a half-man and I was all too eager to help him live his fantasy.

It doesn’t matter what his real name is. But I’m sure you want to know his sissy name. Hannah. Getting him to strip was a delight I won’t forget in a hurry. It was with much tentativeness that he rid himself of his manly clothes and clad himself in a little white dress I brought him. I must say, the dress looked so damn good on Hannah. I had my pathetic, submissive little sissy lick my feet for a while. Oh, how I enjoy watching him clean my feet that hold me up during the day. You see, a man attached to a real cock with the ability to please my little pussy would never be forced to do this. Hannah is not so lucky.

Move Up From My Feet You Nasty Boy

But of course, after he was done, he had to make me cum with his tongue. No fingers. Just his tongue. He had five minutes to do this. Accomplishing the task meant that I would let him stick his miniature cock inside of me. And failure meant punishment. There was no better punishment than sitting on his face and suffocating him with my pussy. Now, if you are a man who is wondering how eating pussy could possibly be a punishment, you should know its more than that.

What You Deserve Submissive Little Sissy

I will climax over and over again with this submissive little sissy bitch’s hands pinned to his sides and I will watch that worthless thing he calls a cock twitch. I won’t touch it, because Hannah isn’t deserving of that. And I will not stop watching that small dick throbs in anticipation, so swollen until finally, it explodes all over himself. It will drive him crazy – yet I won’t mind it at all. Plus, hours into my pussy being drained of my juices, the ending is not only his face covered in my success, but also his stomach, covered in his failure.

Do you think you could be a better sissy to me than Hannah was? If so, call me for some hot humiliation phone sex. Remember, you only get to fuck my trophy pussy if you prove yourself deserving. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.