For some people, it’s Christmas day that is the best part of Christmas. For me though, it’s the day after. The last stop Mr. and Mrs. Claus make before heading home for the year. That’s when I get to take out my new toys and dominate her in front of her chubby worthless fat old cuck of a husband. Everyone knows he’s fat and Jolly. However, Did you know He has a panty boy surprise! That’s Right under those Red Jolly pants he has a White lacey Thong on!

They stop by, and when they walk in her eyes reak of anticipation, while he cowardly follows in behind. He is so confident when handing out gifts, but while receiving his gift of watching, he is such a shy little bitch. I love the way her ruffled slutty red dress bounces around as I make her shake her body for me. Her body grinding against my body as we put on a little show for him.

Fat Old Cuck Lusts For This

Finally, it’s time for me to really put her in her place. I bend her over my lap and pull that little dress right up. This big paddle with “naughty slut” written all over it; her pussy is wet at the thought of me spanking her. I want to look into his useless fucking eyes while I bring that paddle down on her porcelain little ass. Her cheeks will be as red as his suit when I am finished with her.

Every once in a while, that paddle finds its way to that puffy little cunt, ready to bring her some well-deserved painful pleasure. I can see Santas cock getting so hard and throbbing with every loud smacking noise. Precum dripping down his shaft for us. I tell him that if he wants to see me fuck his wife back onto the nice list, he needs to eat his own filth. I love watching him scoop up his mess and lick his fingers clean like the fat old cuck he is. Taste it.

That’s a Good Boy

Now I will drop the paddle and let my hands pass over her crimsoned cheeks. Letting myself slide inside her while she is bent over my lap, I use my other hand to grab a handful of her hair and arch her back. “Look into my eyes while he watches your cream.” God, I love her tight pussy creaming on my fingers. Her soft hair tangled into my control. Of course, I also love watching her husband, the respected man turning into a whimpering fat old cuck for her.

Now To Play With My New Toys

Finally, I pull out my big strap-on. She enjoys screaming out while I use this 10-inch cock to stretch her like never before. This little painslut has been so naughty this year, and she is going to get every inch of me deep inside her. I keep my hand in her hair and use it to turn her around and cram this cock in her mouth. If she wants her pussy stretched, this cock needs to be wet. Plus, he craves the moments when he gets to watch her be sluttier with me right now, then she would be with him all year.

When I pull the strap on out of her pretty little mouth, as she is gasping for air, I watch Santa stroke that cock faster and faster. So close to cumming all over himself while I slide my way inside her. She spreads so easy for me and takes this cock so well. Finally, he comes all over and we just watch him clean it all up by himself.

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