I live in a quiet neighborhood. Most of my neighbors know me and are non-judgemental, which I love. Furthermore, everyone gets along and is kind. Yesterday I came home to a panty boy surprise.

My neighbor, Jake, is wearing my panties and playing with my beautiful lingerie. Jake is an older single guy. Of course, in all my days, this is something I am not expecting to find. However, I am super happy to spy on him.

He is so deep into himself in my full-length mirror, he doesn’t hear me come in. Similarly, I am loving watching him and can’t take my eyes away. He is doing the model poses and struts.

This panty boy surprise is making my day!

Jake is a bigger guy so he fits in my panties quite nicely. And, the lingerie seems to fit is him as well. Normally, when I am online providing the BEST of Fetish Phone Sex, I tear up the panty and sissy boys.

However, because of my connection with Jake, I want to help him. In truth, seeing him in my stuff is getting my pussy super wet too. Instead of wanting to punish him, I am wanting to play with him.

Oh, my, this panty boy surprise is having an interesting effect on me. I am feeling very unlike my badass self. At this point, I usually see Jake as a candidate for my BBW Sissy Boy Training.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to train him but in a nice way.

Seriously, I want to show him the ropes and help in a kind and loving way. Oh, fuck, what the hell. My heart is showing because he is a friend. Hahaha. Yes, readers, I have a big heart.

I just don’t waste on most of the losers that call me. Most of you deserve my hardcore domme time. To be humiliated and ruled over. Jake is kind and sweet and I want to guide him so he gets it right.

This panty boy surprise is awesome and I am finding myself ready to show him the ropes! Finally, I say his name and let him know I am home. He is freaking out as I tell him it is okay and to calm down.

I start rubbing his arm and shoulders with my expert touch.

His semi-hard cock sprouts to attention as I am explaining I am going to show him all he needs to know about being a panty and sissy boy. That he no longer has to live with his secret.

The relief on his face is awesome. Of course, he is so grateful, he is asking what he can do for me. I tell him a foot massage would be nice. As he is rubbing my feet, he looks up and asks if I have strapons.

Well, this panty boy surprise is getting better and better! I tell him I do and ask if he is ready for that. He says he is and our evening is ready to start with some naughty fun.

Curious as to what happened? Call me to find out!