I am the best at fucking with little loser bitches. In fact, I feel I have to steal their souls and love them. I am craving hardcore humiliation lately. It is time for you fuckups to call me to play.

You know who you are! The guys that mess up in life. Your girlfriends always cheat on you because you suck in bed or your dick is too small. Or, you can’t keep a job.

The guys who are total losers in life are the ones I am talking to right now. I am here, to be honest when others can’t. And, there is no shame in my game. I tell it like it is.

Hell, you will be craving hardcore humiliation after one session with me.

In reality, my favorite thing to do is SPH. My sexy BBW SPH is like no other tiny penis humiliation. Men either beg me for more or go into therapy after time with me. Hahaha.

You see, I don’t have mercy for losers. Then, there are the men that can’t take care of their ladies. They piss me off. Of course, men that treat women shitty are the kind I love to devour!

Talking about craving hardcore humiliation! Oh, baby, bring them to me and I will chew them up and spit them out. After that, I will piss and shit on their remains.

Those mother fuckers are mine to destroy!

I love how they set up sessions thinking they are going to dominate this powerful BBW goddess. Then, about three minutes into our conversation, I flip the script and tear their ass up.

There is nothing so pleasurable than stealing their thunder. These men think they are badasses. In reality, they are bitches. They think it makes them tough to hurt women.

Craving hardcore humiliation is a product of their actions. I love going toe to toe with them. Of course, they are just a minor part of my days. The real joy is my other callers.

The guys that are craving hardcore humiliation in other ways.

You know who you are. My sissies, panty-boys, and itty bitty pecker men. You just need a strong woman to call you on your fetish. I love giving you a hard time and laughing at you in your pretty panties.

Hell, I will even dress you in some sexy lingerie and then laugh at you! Consequently, if it makes my pussy wet, I may put you on display with my friends. That’s right. I will bring over my girls and my guy friends.

When I am craving hardcore humiliation, I may need to share the fun with others. Of course, that means a whole lot of people may end up making fun of you. All of us laughing at you in your sissy gear.

Or laughing at the tiny dick you are stuck with!

Wow, that is small. How little is it, anyway? Like, two, or three inches hard? Damn, that must suck explaining you have a dick that small to your new girlfriend. Tell me, how does that go?

Hahahaha…not well, right?! Look, you know you want what I am giving! Call me now for some intense humiliation phone sex!