I’m feeling in a festive mood and ready to stuff some Turkey! However,  I just need to pick my victim. I beautiful thick girl like me doesn’t really have a lot of problems finding a man willing to be my toy. However, Where should I go today? I’ll get dressed in My tight Black Mini Skirt, Button Down white shirt, and those sexy Matching Black lace thong and bra set. After that, I think a trip to the grocery store is the perfect place to find a toy to stuff his Turkey!

Shopping for My New Meat

As I’m walking down the aisle of this little town grocery store you can see the eyes pierce through me. My Heels click with each step. Wive’s knowing I’m looking for some new meat. It’s not a secrete who I am in this town. I’m the Woman that steals your husband for the night! Make him a bitch then send him home left with only wishing what he could have again.  However, That’s the thing I get bored with using them. So they can have their man back no one wants him to keep! However, now is only good to fill those honey-due lists and Dream about the time I filled every hole they have!

Finding the Right Man to Stuff His Turkey

Well, there’s Tom, Barry, and Mike All just looking at me with their Puppy dog Eye’s Begging me for just one more Night. However, they are ALL old news!  This Beautiful BBW SPH Chick Loves New Meat! I think that New Boy that just moved back home after college is the perfect meal for tonight! Ben is the high school football captain that graduated 5 years ago. Moved off to college.  Now back home Looking for the Perfect Office job! I think tonight that I’ll teach him what every Office Man Needs! To be on his knees beneath my Strap on Begging to serve it!

Picking Up The Meat for tonight

So There he stands Ben so innocent. Standing by the Corn trying to figure out which is the best one to go with His Momma’s Thanksgiving Dinner. I walk up to him and say hey there Ben Need some help? Knowing full well that Corn was going to be filling one of his holes tonight.  I help him pick the best ones and ask him if he will help carry some groceries out to my car. As He puts the last bag in my car. I tell him You Know, I do have some work around the house if you liked to earn some extra money. Why don’t you come over around 6? Then Grabbing one of the ears of corn from his bag. Saying Thanks Ben Ill see you later. In Other Words, it’s going to be fun to stuff his turkey tonight!

The Night has Been Set

Eager Little Ben arrives on time. No clue what he’s walking into. He knocks on the door and I answer wearing a Leather halter top with a leather Skirt! Boot Heels Up to my knees. I think at this point Ben knew it wasn’t my gutters he was going to be working on! I put a Leather collar on him and hook My chain to it leading him to my bedroom. Where I undress him and tie him to my breeding bench. Stand in front of him and tell him to suck it as I pull out my 8-inch strap on. Picking his Chin up and saying

“The wetter it gets the easier on you it is Hunny!”

However, watching him take my strap-on down his throat was amazing! He did it with ease! However,  I couldn’t wait to stuff his turkey! I pull out of his mouth walked around to that sweet Ass Smacked it with My 8-inch cock. Then Teased him by sliding it up and down his cheeks. I could tell this wasn’t the first cock Ben had taken! Ben slid back on my 8-inch Strap-on and rode that cock as he needed it!

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