RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Cock sucking sub

Cock Sucking Sub: Surely it Must be a Bad Dream

A Cock Sucking Sub? Never! Last night I had another of my devilishly dirty dream...

Sneaky Pussy Rubbing

Sneaky Pussy Rubbing: Flying Solo At 39,000 Feet

Sneaky Pussy Rubbing On My Night Flight… Heading for New York, I was flyin...

First Anal Sex

First Anal Sex: Betting Away My Virginity At The Races

Trip To The Races Ends In My First Anal Sex When I was at university I had a pre...

ice cold beer

Ice Cold Beer: Golden Showers For Pissing Pervert

Ice Cold Beer? I Don’t Think So! Refined English ladies don’t usually dr...

Changing Room Orgasm

Changing Room Orgasm: Finger Fucked By A Sexy Blonde

Looking For My First Changing Room Orgasm When I worked in London, I heard a sto...

slave market visit

Slave Market Visit: Buying Myself a Cock While My Husband is Away

Slave Market Visit I couldn’t sleep last night. Tossing and turning, my mind i...

Hot Female Flasher

Hot Female Flasher: Showing Off My Tight Teen Body

A Hot Female Flasher In The Making… A lot of people think that flashers ar...

Pathetic Little Bitch

Pathetic Little Bitch: Eat My Juicy English Pussy Now!

I Needed A Pathetic Little Bitch To Satisfy My Needs Even though I sometimes enj...

Speeding Fine Payment

Speeding Fine Payment: Corrupt Cops Take My Teen Body

Lust Got Me A Speeding Fine Payment A lot of Americans think British cops are ea...

Landlord Demanded Rent

Landlord Demanded Rent: So I Paid With My Pussy

So… A few of my lovers – and friends – say that I’m a Ho. Well, ...

Shocking First Threesome

Shocking First Threesome: English Teen in NY Gets Spit-Roasted

New York Was A Big Adventure – Just The Place For A Shocking First Threeso...

Giantess Wicked Stepmother

Giantess Wicked Stepmother Shrinks and Squashes Stepson – Part 1

Giantess Wicked Stepmother Fantasy With My Wimpy Stepson I have this fantasy whe...

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