Who Doesn’t Love a Lazy Beach Day?

I love a lazy beach day. Putting on my bikini for some time in the sun while the waves splash and crash nearby, is something I find so relaxing. So much so, that I often fall asleep. I usually try and find a fairly secluded stretch of the beach and go topless. This is very much the norm over in Europe and while you get the odd stare, nobody really takes that much notice.

So that particular day was much like any other lazy beach day. I wore my tiny new red bikini and when I was out of sight, I took off my top and lay down on my stomach. It was a beautiful day and the sun was beating down on me. Soon I was drifting off.

It’s strange but I always sleep quite deeply at the beach – I think the sun is just so strong it tires me out and within minutes I was in a deep sleep. After maybe half an hour I was woken by a speedboat passing by. So I then turned over and lay on my back. As I did so, I had a quick look to see if anybody was around and luckily I was all alone, so I took my time and smeared oil over my big bouncy tits. I paid particular attention to my very sensitive nipples. I became so turned on as I rubbed the warm oil over my stomach and down the inside of my thighs.

Raunchy Dreams On The Beach Make Me Squirt For My Audience

I soon started to drift off again and was having a sexy, raunchy dream. Seeing all those semi-naked bodies at the beach was making me wet.  Half in and half out of sleep, I knew I was rubbing my hand over my boobs and pulling my bikini bottoms aside. But I needed to touch myself. I needed to slide a finger inside. And I NEEDED to taste myself.

My pussy already soaking wet, I couldn’t help myself. Looking around to see if anybody was there, I pulled out the first thing I could find in my beach bag that I could push inside me. It was a hairbrush!  I used the handle to fuck my tight pussy as I writhed around to the crashing of the waves. My orgasm was building and I knew the noise of the waves would hide my screams of ecstasy as I pounded my cunt and rubbed my clit. I could hold no more and let out a deep moan as I squirted everywhere. My red bikini bottoms were now soaking.

Exhausted, I started to fall asleep. My bikini bottoms still pushed aside while I enjoyed the sun on my swollen pussy lips. And then I became aware of a shadow over me and the sun disappearing. I thought it must be a cloud and so I ignored it and drifted back off.  I was making the most of my lazy beach day!

Dirty Old Perves!

A clicking noise startled me and I awoke to three men – dirty old men – surrounding me and urgently jerking their ancient dicks. They were wanking over me! I wanted to shout at them and tell them to go away.  However, rather awkwardly, I was so very turned on. Making sure nobody was looking, I spread my legs to show them my swollen pussy. Then I took one dirty old man’s cock in my mouth while I stroked the other two. This had always been my fantasy and there was no way I was going to let it pass me by.

I love a pervy elderly man watching me while I play with myself.  Each one took their turn fucking my pretty little mouth. And I sucked those dirty old fuckers dry, enjoying every moment of my lazy beach day, draining their saggy old balls of every last drop of cum.  

So, want to know what happened next time I had a lazy beach day? Then call your favourite English girl for more.