My Pervy Elderly Man Fantasy Gets Me So Wet

I have a secret fantasy. Shall I tell you all about it? I’m sure you’re interested, aren’t you?!  Well… my fantasy involves a pervy elderly man.  In fact, sometimes it’s several pervy elderly men!

For as long as I can remember I’ve had this fantasy about pervy old men lusting over me. That pervy elderly man hanging around the park in his “flasher mac” that your mother always warned you about. Yes, that’s him! The creepy old neighbour looking out of his window while he has his hand down his pants – that’s him too! I sometimes wonder what’s wrong with me… But I can tell you one thing – the mere idea of one of those wrinklies jerking off over me makes my pussy drip with excitement!

So, one of my recurring got-to fantasies is where I’m laying by my pool on a hot sunny day, listening to some music.  But I’m unaware of the pervy elderly man spying on me through a hole in his fence.

The Naughty Neighbour’s Gloryhole – He’s Using It To Spy On Me!

As I drift in and out of sleep on the sun lounger, I start to lightly stroke my nipples.  I’m dreaming and it’s making me so horny… my other hand soon slides down over my tummy and pushes my bikini bottoms aside, exposing my sweet pussy. As my hand moves over my cunt, I gently moan as I part my swollen lips and my middle finger starts to circle my clit.

I arch my back and a trickle of sweat runs between my perfectly formed big round tits and down to my belly button, and I start to gyrate to the rhythm of the music.  I’m becoming more vocal as my dream reaches its grand finale. I’m close… very close! And then I let out a scream as my pussy squirts its sweet tasty juice and sprays the air like a shower of liquid nectar.

And then I wake up…

I sense a shadow over me.  There are no clouds in the sky, but three wrinkly old wizen faces leering down at me.  They have their cocks in their hand and they are all vigorously tossing off their aged dicks.  Not one pervy elderly man but THREE pervy elderly men wanking inches away from me. 

I don’t know what to do. Should I be shocked – shout for help perhaps? Or should I just let the filthy old fuckers get their rocks off over my perky young tits?  After all, it’s long been my greatest fantasy…

“Gentlemen, cover my tits in your creamy cum”, I shout as I help them yank their ancient shafts and within seconds I squirt again! As I scoop up the cum of each pervy old codger I lick my fingers clean and spread my legs for them. Then I inform those nasty old wrinklies they have all afternoon to enjoy my sweet young cunt.

Old Don’t Mould

Not an inch of my body was left untouched that afternoon and I was a quivering wreck by the end of it.  Let’s just say, they may be advanced in years, but each pervy elderly man’s cock and tongue were as strong and eager as an 18-year-old jock. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “black don’t crack”… well, I can confirm “old don’t mould”! 

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