Innocence Lost Through The Naughty Neighbour’s Gloryhole

A friend at school once told me about her naughty neighbour. He was a bit of a dirty old man and Jemima was only in her early teens. One long hot summer she was relaxing in her garden, sunbathing, and she heard a noise coming from the dividing fence between her family’s manor house and the neighbour’s small poky cottage next door. Intrigued, she went over to investigate, and it was then that she saw it – the naughty neighbour’s gloryhole. Only she did not know it at the time, she would soon become awfully familiar with its use!

“What’s this?” she asked. The grizzly old man replied, ” Do as I say, and you will earn lots of pennies for your piggy bank. In fact, not just pennies, but pounds too”. Excited at the prospect of earning some spending money, she inquired further. It was to be their secret and the more she complied, the more she would earn. Jemima was eager as her nasty stepmother made sure she rarely got any pocket money.

So, “50p for a quick peek”; “a pound for a feel” and “a fiver for a blowjob”. Having no idea what she was letting herself in for, Jemima agreed and the dirty old bastard next door smiled, displaying all three of his very stained yellow teeth. “Tomorrow, eight o’clock sharp”, he sneered.

I Spy With My Little Eye

Bright and early the next morning, Jemima was eager to earn her first 50p. All she had to do was lift up her skirt. What was the big deal? She still had her knickers on, after all! For the next couple of hours, she bent over, did handstands, and everything else she could to display her knickers to the old man. Eventually, he told her she had to take her knickers off and push them through the hole. For this, she got 75p and a further 75p for opening her legs and showing him her cunt. Although it felt naughty, the money felt great! She never did get those knickers back…

As the day progressed, the filthy old perve decided it was time to turn the pennies into pounds, instructing her to touch the “thing” that was sticking through the hole. Jemima was pretty naive and didn’t realise at that point, what the “thing” actually was. She touched it hesitantly and felt it harden. Amazed, she kept touching and stroking it and soon it was time to go for dinner. As he had done earlier, the ancient fucker pushed the money through the hole and disappeared.

Easy Money From A Decrepit Old Pay Pig

Next morning, Jemima was ready to go and visit the naughty neighbour’s gloryhole again. This really was easy money and she was eager to see how she could earn even more.

“I think you’re ready to earn your first £5”, chuckled the grimy old man. “Oooh yes please!”, Jemima replied, equally excited at the prospect of her newfound wealth and to learn just exactly what a blowjob was.

The “thing” popped through her naughty neighbour’s gloryhole once again. Hearing his heavy breathing as he told her to lick and suck it. It tasted weird and as soon as she started to lick it, a little bit of sticky stuff came out of the hole. She quite liked the taste so she eagerly sucked on it and then all of a sudden the “thing” exploded and her mouth was filled with juicy, sticky cum. Swallowing it eagerly, she shouted through the hole “that will be £5 please”. As she peered through, she saw the old man stuffing his “thing” back in his pants. It was only then that she realised she had been touching and sucking his cock – just like she had seen her slutty stepmother doing to the chauffeur.

While shocked and revolted, Jemima soon came to the decision that as long as it was their secret, so what!? Her piggy bank was certainly happy and even though he was a nasty old grinch, his stringy cum really was tasty!

The Best Summer Job Ever!

There wasn’t a day that summer that Jemima didn’t come away with at least £10. She had the grass stains on her knees to prove it and she was loving the taste of his creamy cum. She decided that as long as she didn’t have to look at his wrinkled old face, she would suck both him and his bank balance dry. Her naughty neighbour’s gloryhole was her own personal ATM, while he got to enjoy the best cock sucking he had ever had.

It was during that summer holiday Jemima was to lose her innocence to a depraved old pervert. But in the process, she learned that she loved the taste of cum, became an expert cock-sucker and she earned enough money that she couldn’t wait for the next school holidays to come around once again. Oh, how she loved her naughty neighbour’s gloryhole!