Loving Sucking Daddy Dry…

As I soap myself in the shower, I can’t quite get over what just happened. I’ve spent the last two nights creeping into my Dad’s room and as he slept, just loving sucking Daddy dry. I thought he didn’t realise it was me… But now he’s just caught me sitting on the loo and he’s telling me he knows it’s me as he watches me pee!

The more I think about everything that’s happening right now, the more my tight young pussy is yearning for even more. Who would have thought that I would be thinking about Daddy’s rock-hard cock every waking second of the day? I’m desperate – I’m so loving sucking Daddy dry!

Now I’m thinking more and more about what he said as he left – to make sure that I drink lots of water before I sneak into his room tonight! Is he saying what I think he’s saying? After all, Daddy was so excited when he walked in on me peeing. And now I’m excited – just like I was when I was caught peeing outdoors!

Later that night when I think Daddy is asleep, I sneak into his room. From the bit of light shining through it looks like he is in a nice deep sleep. So, I make my move and I start sucking his dick. I can’t even begin to tell you just how much I am loving sucking Daddy dry. But I can’t help myself. I simply cannot stay away. It’s like a drug. And my dirty little secret.

Caught In The Act…

Suddenly Daddy lets out a moan and says my name. His cock is at the back of my throat – what do I do? Stop or carry on? I don’t want to stop as I am loving sucking Daddy dry. Before I know it, he has pulled me up and put the light on. “Hey greedy girl!”, he laughs and he carries me into his bathroom as he lays down on the floor and tells me to stand astride his cock. Now Daddy really has rumbled me! I do as I am told. Looking down at him, my emotions are mixed, embarrassment and shame, but I am so unbelievably horny for my Daddy. My tight little pussy is SO wet!

And then he says it. “Pee for Daddy”. “Pee on Daddy’s cock, my darling girl”. He tells me how fucking hard I make him when I’m loving sucking Daddy dry. And especially when he saw pee coming out of my tight young cunt and he wants that warm golden piss all over his dick. I try to tell him no, to resist, but my pussy tells me yes! The mere thought of pissing for Daddy makes me cum quicker than I have ever cum before and as I throw my head back and almost faint, Daddy tells me I am his “nasty little whore”! 

Daddy’s Nasty Little Whore Always Does As She’s Told

As I slowly recover from my amazing orgasm, my nipples are rock hard and I sense that feeling that I need to pee. I start to squat down but Daddy tells me that he wants me to stand so he can see everything. As I abandon myself to Daddy, I let out a soft moan as I feel that first trickle of hot piss leave my tight young pussy and run down my leg. Daddy can barely hold it together as the trickle turns into a shower of hot golden juice and it drenches his cock.

His dick twitches and he blows his load as he shouts out “Daddy’s nasty little whore”! I feel so powerful knowing I can do this to Daddy – make him so hot and eager for me. And then he pulls me down onto his face so he can lick me clean. This filthy family fun is so amazing, so intense, so DIRTY. And I love every second of it. Just as Daddy does and his dirty little whore leans forward to blow him once again, rock-hard cock!

I’m just loving sucking Daddy dry…