Giantess Wicked Stepmother Fantasy With My Wimpy Stepson

I have this fantasy where I’m a stepmother – but not just any stepmother. I’m a gorgeous and glamorous giantess stepmother! Superhot.  And I am wicked! The ultimate giantess wicked stepmother, guaranteed to terrify her wimpy stepson into submission. 

He’s pissed me off once too often and now David is going to get it! I’m going to shrink him to two inches tall and I’ll be using him as my toy, my plaything, my stress ball… Haha! I can think of a million things I can do with him. How about my personal foot massager? I can roll him around under my feet like a massage ball. Or maybe pick him up between my toes and just toss him in the air. Should I catch him? Or just let him fall flat on his face. Hmm… decisions, decisions!

Ooops! He Ran Away…

Of course, people are going to wonder where David is… so I’ll create a story that he ran away when I caught him up to no good. In reality, he lives inside one of my running shoes in my closet. The reason I chose that? Well, I once caught him wanking into that particular shoe and I forced him to lick his cum out of there. As the little pervert likes it so much, I decided he could live there!

I have this fantasy about David so often that it has become one of my favourite devilishly dirty dreams! It makes my pussy so wet, I’m drenched by the time I wake up.

Getting My Revenge On The Shoe Wanker

In my role as a giantess wicked stepmother, my imagination will go into overdrive. So David can’t run away, I’ll take him with me to work. Wedge him down my cleavage as he gets crushed between my giant breasts. Hot and sweaty, gasping for breath. Perfect! Or perhaps, pop him in my knickers and use him as a mini clitoral stimulator, rubbing him against my clit until I squirt. Oh, how funny it would be to watch him struggling not to get swept away in a tsunami of pussy juice…

I may take him to the mall trapped in my shoes – between my toes, squashing him as I walk. Every step will squeeze and squash him more.  But the dirty little freak loves feet so maybe I’m being too kind. What do you think?

If I’m feeling particularly wicked, I have another idea! I’ll make him lay on my big toe and then paint over him in clear nail polish. Trapped and bonded to his giantess wicked stepmother. His worst nightmare but his greatest fantasy. My foot-fetishist stepson will really know what it’s like to foot worship then, won’t he? Weirdo!

Squash That Little Fucker!

What else can I do to him? How about I tell him I’m counting to ten and he has to run for his life. Then I turn on the vacuum cleaner… the light shining like a spotlight, searching him out. Oh, there he is! As I get nearer I cackle like a witch – what a wicked giantess stepmother I am. I love it! I’m in my element. My breathing is changing, I’m getting moist. What a turn-on! And that little shit deserves it. How dare he cum in my shoes?

Perhaps I’ll get some sticky tape and make him lay on it, then I’ll stick him to the wall. Trapped again. Pushing the tape against the wall and crushing him. All of a sudden I’ll pull the tape away and he’ll fall to the floor and land right in front of my foot. I kick his irritating little body out of the way and then he lands on the sofa, just as I’m about to sit down…

There are sooo many things I can do with my pathetic little stepson. To hear more just call