Devilishly Dirty Dreams Were Just The Start

Have you ever woken from a dream believing what you were experiencing was real? Even though it might have been dangerous, debauched, and just outright disgusting, you really believe it happened? Well, let me tell you about one of my most recent devilishly dirty dreams.

Living in an area between two mountain ranges – well we call them rather large hills in England – the property is pretty exposed to any winds. The house will rattle and battle its way through and I always feel a sense of relief when only a few trees have fallen by the morning.

It was a strange night – the howling wind and the rustling of the leaves on the trees outside my window. I was very unsettled and was spending the night alone as my husband was away on business.

The storm was raging and there was almost a sense of doom in the air. I brushed it aside and tried to read a little. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep. Little did I know I was about to have one of those devilishly dirty dreams.

Running For My Life – Is It Just a Dream?

I remember having a very disturbed sleep that night. A lot of tossing and turning. One minute I was hot, the next cold. Waking up alarmed and then quickly dozing off again. It was certainly an odd feeling.

I couldn’t quite understand what was going on. But one thing I did understand was the wetness I was feeling between my legs. Whatever was happening was turning me on! Was this all just one of those devilishly dirty dreams?

All of a sudden I was running – something demonic was chasing me. A sense of dread came over me and I ran for my life. Despite the speed I was running, I was soon caught and thrown to the ground. I closed my eyes tight – I didn’t want to look. Terrified, I felt the hot rough hands exploring me. The deep and spiteful laugh as I winced. “Don’t pretend you’re not enjoying it”, the voice said.

Hot Pain And Pleasure

Fiery hot breath making me sweat as he was nibbling and biting my nipples.  Pulling, tweaking, and twisting, the pain was intense, and at times, excruciating. My eyes still tightly shut, I felt the hot breath moving down my stomach. I was starting to dread what was about to happen. But yet, I couldn’t help the feeling of excitement as the long tongue explored my body.

As it got to my pussy, it started pulling my pussy lips apart and I was clenching my fists as the long tongue began darting in and out. Within seconds I was squirting and trying to clamp my legs shut as the intense pleasure/pain continued.

There was more laughter as I was trying my best resisting but to no avail. My pussy was having a good licking whether I wanted it or not!

Finally, I was aware of the hot breath on my face as the slobbering kisses started. Smelling and tasting my sweet pussy juice on his mouth, his deep voice was telling me he was going to give me his seed. Fighting the best I could, it was all in vain.

Raped By A Dastardly Demon

As I rolled about on my bed, fighting with the cotton sheets covering my sweaty and trembling body, I had no choice. I was about to be raped by something demonic. 

All of a sudden, I could feel something hot pushing against me. A hard cock but very hot. Thick and long and before I knew it, it began thrusting deep inside me. It was relentless – thrusting deeper and deeper, faster and faster. It was so exhausting but yet I wanted more. I had no idea who or what was fucking me but I knew I wanted more as I was having my best orgasm ever.

Writhing in ecstasy and agony, hot cum was filling my pussy as it exploded. It felt like it went on forever and finally, I heard a long and loud laugh. I couldn’t avoid it any longer. I needed to see who had just cum inside my sodden pussy.

Defiled By the Devil

Sheepishly, I opened my eyes and standing before me was Lucifer himself. He told me I was to name our offspring Damian and in a flash, he disappeared. As the saying goes, I really did have the devil in me.

It was horrifying.  Starting to scream, and waking up in a hot sweat, lightning flashing against my bedroom window, I began realising I was just having a bad dream. One of those devilishly dirty dreams, but still just a dream.

I couldn’t help but put my hand between my legs and as I did, I felt hot sticky cum oozing out of me. It WAS just a bad dream, wasn’t it…