Are you a black man with a “white girl fetish”?


Even if you’re married to or usually date black women in “real life,” you have a white girl fetish. Don’t you? Having to keep it secret just makes it that much more sexually compelling for both of us. Calling me for your clandestine fix is all part of the taboo thrill of that erotic fixation that has you by the balls. Those oh-so-dark balls, such a contrast against my pretty white, pink pussy.

We don’t live in a post-racial society, and our forbidden affair is not some PC liberal fantasy. Your white girl fetish does NOT compute in the bullshit non-reality of “color-blindness.” Oh, no. am a white woman, and YOU are a black man. You already know society fetishizes your black male sexuality. So why not indulge in some “fucked up” fetishizing on your own terms?

Does your white girl fetish star a dominant pale-skinned Goddess like me?

So, if we’re not the kind of interracial romance that appears in insurance commercials, what kind are we? I bet you want a white Mistress who puts you in your place. And if so, I have NO limits when it comes to taboo role plays. Racial humiliation phone sex doesn’t make me blush, even with my fair complexion. The white cuckold longs to be humiliated by, compared to the hyper-sexualized, ultra-virile “black bull” foil of his perverse imagination. Do you crave the dehumanizing shame of being my illegitimate black lover?


Maybe your white girl fetish involves less pure-hearted, happy-ending-type Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner interracial romance and more of me abusing my power as a white woman. To Kill A Mockingbird’s Mayella Ewell is meant to be pitied and sympathized with, but I have neither for her. If want you, you want me. And I get what I want. You want to bend to my every whim. And want to make you quiver — with fear and lust so simultaneous you can’t distinguish one from the other.

When’s the last time you tasted perfect, porcelain fruit as pure as mine?

I want you to tell me every nasty, juicy detail when you call my xxx confessions hotline. When did your white girl fetish start? Have you always had it as long as you can remember? Or is there a certain caucasian coquette who you’d call your “root”? Of course, there’s also the reality that cultural norms center white women and reinforce their beauty as superior.

In other words, if you DO have a white girl fetish, it’s not like that idea came from nowhere. I don’t think there’s any such thing as innocent sexual fantasy, really. Our sexual imaginaries are dynamic repositories, among other things. I want to fill yours to the brim and dive into it’s deepest crevices, depths. Maybe I’ll show you things YOU didn’t even know were there. And maybe you can even do the same for me?

That’s the kind of egalitarian reciprocity your white girl fetish phone sex call with me might include. As far as with “power dynamics” or anything else? Ha. There will be NONE, of course!

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