Daddy’s Cum Shots Are The Best!

Ever since I can remember, I have loved the taste of my father’s cum. There’s just something so comforting about Daddy’s cum shots! Some girls like chocolate, some girls like cheesecake – this girl likes cum! Actually, I don’t just like cum – I love it! And of all the cum I have tasted in my life, Daddy’s is by far the best.

I suppose it started in my teens when I used to sometimes stay up late with him and he would let me try alcohol. I hated whiskey – Scotch is his drink. So he would let me try gin, vodka, brandy, and even shots. The tipsier we got, the more naughty we got! Once we started Daddy cocksucking training and he realised what a great little cock sucker I am, the tequila shots were replaced by cum shots! And sometimes I would just drink straight from his cock.

Mmmm that globby and sometimes stringy texture is something I find irresistible. The texture, the taste, the smell. I am getting wet just talking about it…

Daddy Knows Best…

So, it made sense that once I started getting more into sports and running, Daddy would enlighten me on how good for me the cum shots were. They were so nutritious and even more so, apparently, as they came from him and we were father and daughter. I see it as a win-win situation. I get to suck his dick and drink his cum AND it’s good for my health and fitness!

So now I make sure I add Daddy’s cum to my daily juices and smoothies. Sometimes he gives me the shot glass to add to my drinks. Sometimes I just glug it straight back. And sometimes, if we get a chance, I’m right there down on my knees sucking his dick and getting Daddy’s cum shots straight from the source.

Daddy’s Golf Buddies Help Satisfy My Need for Creamy Cum

If I’m running a half marathon I tend to need more so I will stay over and Daddy feeds me straight from his dick. If he can’t produce enough to satisfy me, we will get some of his golf buddies over. I have had my fair share of their cum shots over the years, but of course, Daddy’s are definitely the tastiest. In fact, I remember the first time I tried some of their cum – most of it ended up all over my school uniform. I was shocked at the different taste and consistency they all had. But the great thing is, they ALL taste so delicious.

As soon as they walk in the door, I start pole dancing for them as Daddy taught me to. He set up the pole in the games room for me when I was a teen. I swear the cum shots help me get the extra strength when I am on the pole!

Once I have given them all a good look at my tight sweet pussy, they are rock hard and I go from one to the other and drink them dry! It’s usually only Daddy that I 69 with – after all, we have a special bond. He knows just how to make me cum and I nearly always squirt straight in his face, which he loves. He says it makes him cum harder.

Daddy’s Cum Shots Keep Me Young And Sexy

I’ll never grow tired of drinking Daddy’s cum shots. In fact, I’m even starting to use his cum on my face as a beauty treatment. It keeps my skin in tip-top condition. I first noticed years ago, when I realised how smooth the skin was on my arse and tits and I never got teen acne. So if there’s any spare cum, Daddy loves to rub it into my bouncy round tits and curvy arse. That is, of course, when he’s not cumming all over them!

All this talk has made me hungry… so give your favourite English girl a call to hear more.