Daddy Cocksucking Training – How It All Began

Some of my fondest memories are time spent with Daddy when I was younger. We did everything together – and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! And one of the greatest gifts he ever gave me was my daddy cocksucking training to be Daddy’s favourite cocksucker.

There had been a lot of “training” leading up to it like bath time together, washing each other and Daddy encouraging me to feel his cock. Soaping up his dick until it became as hard as a rock was one of my favourite things to do. It was almost like a game – to see how hard I could get it!

Bathtime Wanking

My training soon involved wanking Daddy in the bath until he would shoot his load. It was exciting watching as the cum shot out of his huge cock. And just knowing that I had made him explode was exhilarating. I felt so special and looked forward to our Daddy-daughter time together. After all, incest is best!

The day he told me I was going to do some daddy cocksucking training I was beyond excited as I’d seen Mummy sucking Daddy’s cock many times and was always so envious. So I couldn’t wait until it was my turn and now that day was upon us! Yippee!!

A Day To Remember – Bonded For Life

Daddy told me he wanted it to be “special” for me – a day to remember. As he began kissing me full on the lips, he presented me with a little gift – a ring, bonding us together. I still have that ring to this day and I always smile when I look it – a reminder of how it all started.

The excitement was building up in me and Daddy put on a dirty movie in the background. To the moans of pleasure on the screen, Daddy told me to get on my knees and start kissing his semi-hard cock.

Kissing all the way down to his full balls and back up to the tip of his dick, while Daddy encouraged me, telling me I was going to soon be Daddy’s favourite cocksucker. My tongue flicked over the sticky trail of pre-cum starting to ooze out of my father’s dick. Yum! I loved the taste!!

Following Daddy’s Instructions

As instructed, I parted my lips and took the tip of his cock in my mouth. Sucking just like the ladies on the screen, I felt so grown-up and so special! My head bobbing up and down on the end of his cock, Daddy was groaning with pleasure. All because of me! So it made me even more determined to be Daddy’s favourite cocksucker.

Daddy was telling me to take it deeper and as he was fucking my mouth I was starting to gag but that only seemed to encourage him more. Coughing and spluttering as I gagged at Daddy’s big knob pounding my mouth, I felt him tense. Grabbing my head he pulled me down on his cock and exploded in my mouth. “Swallow it for Daddy”, he was telling me.

Daddy’s Favourite Cocksucker Forever

As his cum trickled down my chin I gulped down his creamy load. It tasted like heaven to me. Daddy really was my hero. I couldn’t wait for our next daddy cocksucking training session and I vowed I would be Daddy’s favourite cocksucker forever…