I know you boys are always in search of a sexy hot blonde to give you  cum eating instructions.   You just love it when I can force you to do the naughty things I want you to do.  Don’t you?  Well, I love it.   I love having complete control of you and your cock.  Making you so horny can’t help but comply.  You like it when I tell you what and how to control your sexual desires,  Don’t you?  Well, today is your lucky day.  We are going to have a sex JOI phone sex session and then you WILL eat your own cum.

I know you have been told that by other girls that they would give you cum eating instructions. However, you have never actually been able to go through with it.   It’s usually because when you first start out stroking and you are so sexually stimulated and will do and say just about anything.   However, after you cum and are not as sexually charged the desire to eat your own cum flees as soon as you load Is spewed.  But, I have a plan for that too.

Cum eating instructions that are guaranteed to work

Why am I so sure that my cum eating instructions will work?   Because it has been cock tested and Mallory approved.  I have the perfect position to do the trick.  In this position your cock is aimed right at your face.  That’s right, you will have no other choice but to eat your own cum.  I will be right there watching, that way I know that all of my cum eating instructions are being properly followed.

So, are you ready? I bet you are.  The tightness in those pants showed me that you are ready to be under my control and follow my jerk-off instructions.   We both have the same goal and that is to get you to eat your own cum.

Let’s get into that position.

Lay on your back.  That’s right, lay all the way back.  I want you to tilt your pelvis up in the air, by raising your ass.  Don’t worry if you are not super flexible.  You will be able to use a wall, couch, or wall to make yourself stable.   I want that cock pointing directly at your cum eating face while you stroke him.   Now take your hands and wrap it right around that hard cock.  Make sure you pay attention to the way I direct you to stroke it.   I love watching you stroke and pump it.  Letting me know that you are building that cum up for me.  I want you to feel amazing as you build that load to swallow.  Watching you stroke just happens to be one of my favorite sex acts.

As you follow my jerk-off instructions, begin to gather the pre-cum your cock is making with your fingers.  It’s so sexy to watch that sticky liquid drip from your cock.  Now taste it.   MMMM, good boy.   Keep stroking until I give you permission to cum.  You will have no choice but to eat your cum.  Especially with that cock pointed right at your face.  So, open that cum eating mouth of yours and get ready to swallow.  Keep milking that cock until you get every drop.

Do you want your own cum eating session with this kinky phone slut?  Or maybe you just want to share some hot dirty sex stories.  I am just a call away call Mallory 1-877-729-726

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