Are You The Family Panty Sniffer?

I think there’s one in every family, isn’t there? A family panty sniffer? Is it you? Cum on! Admit it – you just love sniffing those dirty knickers!

You may notice I say knickers – I like to switch between panties and knickers, which is the English word for panties. So now, as well as being horny, you’re actually learning something…

I Have A Family Full Of Panty Sniffers

Over the years, there have been a few in my family. One of my brothers used to steal my panties – especially after my school field hockey training. There must have been something about my young ripe pussy and that sweet, but sweaty, smell that made him into a family panty sniffer. He would also sneak my sister’s too after she had been out with her boyfriend. As she was sexually active by that stage, he must have really enjoyed those dirty cum-filled knickers! Sis and I caught him a few times with a pair of our panties wrapped around his cock and another pair under his nose. 

I remember one of my uncles sniffing my knickers too. Only he used to sniff them while I was wearing them! He would ask me to do handstands and pretend to help by holding me up, but when nobody was watching, he would push his nose between my legs and sniff my panties. He liked to lick over the top too! I never complained as he always made sure I was well-rewarded with some cash. And when I was on my period, he used to pay extra for me to take them off and let him keep them.  Turning you on?

Catching My Father-In-Law In The Act

So, I suppose I should be able to seek out a family panty sniffer like a bloodhound. You would think so, wouldn’t you? Well, I have to say I was shocked when I found the least obvious knicker sniffer ever pulling dirty panties out of my laundry hamper. My husband’s dad!

I watched. I decided not to let him know I’d seen him. There he was, in the laundry room, his cock in his hand and wanking as he sniffed my knickers. The ones I had just taken off after my hubby and I just fucked. He likes to pull them aside and fuck me whilst I’m wearing them.

Watching my father-in-law stroking his cock as he sniffed and licked his son’s cum and my pussy juice out of my sodden knickers was such a turn-on. Stroking my pussy, I slid a finger in and brought myself to orgasm within seconds. Just in time to see my father-in-law cum into those already wet panties and then push them back into the laundry basket. He then bent down and took another pair and stuffed them in his pocket.

Using It To My Advantage…

I couldn’t get the picture of our family panty sniffer out of my head and was looking forward to his next visit. I didn’t have to wait long. The next morning he turned up and I saw him putting my stolen knickers back into the laundry room. I could see they were full of his cum. He then picked up the pair I had just taken off about five minutes ago. I’d been running and they were quite fruity. He let out a little yelp and was rock hard as he sniffed and licked them.

I couldn’t help myself, I walked in as he was jerking his cock. I told him that I would tell the rest of the family unless he got down on his knees and licked me clean after my sweaty run. He didn’t need telling twice and now my father-in-law is not just the family panty sniffer. He’s my post-run pussy licker and post-morning fuck cum sucker. Now I’m in pussy licking heaven and he couldn’t be happier!

Does the thought of my filthy father-in-law sniffing my knickers remind you what a perve you are?  Then give your favourite English girl a call for more fetish phone sex stories. And find out what happened next…