Bitch In Uniform

Now that we have such strict travel restrictions, if you decide to try and enter the UK without a valid reason, you WILL suffer the consequences. Ever been fisted for fun? Horny volunteers needed!

Working for the UK Border Force, in collaboration with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, it’s my duty to make sure that you arrive here legally and that you’re not carrying anything upon your person that shouldn’t be there.

So, here you are at Heathrow.  Do you have a valid reason to enter the United Kingdom?  We’re in strict lockdown and that means even stricter immigration rules, of course. 


“Passport!” I ask. You search for it, but can’t help but stare. My shirt is a little too tight. The curve of my arse, the material of my uniform pants tight over my pussy… “PASSPORT!!”, I repeat. You’re a little nervous now.

I ask you what is your reason for entering the UK.  “HOLIDAY?” The only holiday you’ll be having will be at Her Majesty’s Pleasure (to detain you in prison until deemed fit for release).  I smile to myself at your fate because I know you’re going to be fisted for fun!

I snatch your passport and tell you to follow me behind the screen. The steel handcuffs jangling against my belt stir your cock as you watch my arse wiggle in front of you. 

Who’s A Naughty Boy Then?

As I rifle through your baggage, I toss aside your neatly packed items, smirking at your fleshlites and butt plugs. “So, you like having something inside you…?” You wince, wondering what’s next, but you’re intrigued.

However, I can’t seem to find anything illegal in your bags apart from the old cum-covered bestiality DVDs tucked in between your boxers and that little silky pair of red panties you always take with you. Your lucky panties? Well, not so lucky this time!

I inform you that I’ll be seizing your DVDs and you’ll be charged with possession of such items. “Now, strip naked!”

You try to protest but part of you is desperate to let me see your rock hard cock. Of course, you think once I see it I’ll beg to suck it, and then I’ll let you go. But you realise how wrong you are as you hear that familiar sound of latex gloves. There’s something about that sound that makes you clench your arse cheeks.

Bend Over And Spread Your Cheeks!

You’re naked now and your erection hasn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, I’m circling you, like you’re my prey. I’m waiting to pounce. And then I lean in close to your ear and ask, “Have you ever been fisted for fun?” You flinch. “Bend over and spread your cheeks,” I whisper.

My breathing is getting a little heavier, my nipples are poking through the tight cotton of my shirt. You’re not quite sure, but you think you’ve seen a little damp patch on the tight crotch of my pants.

Getting Fisted For Fun!

With the help of a little lube, the first finger enters you, probing. It’s a little uncomfortable, but also a little sexy. I brush against your prostate and you spasm as I deliberately rub it again. You can barely contain yourself. Second finger. And then the third. “Wait a minute…three?” you ask.  I remind you of your fate if you go to prison. And then the 4th! Ouch… Tight! You’re ROCK hard.

I’m exploring you. Probing deeper, enjoying how uncomfortable you are, my pussy wet from the power! Somehow I manage to stretch you further and manoeuver my fist inside you. I knew from the first moment I saw you come through the barrier that I was going to have you. You were going to be fisted for fun.

Finally, you can hold back no longer and you let out a growl as you cum hard.  I watch that thick sticky white mess fire out of the end of your dick. And I get my own release as I stamp your passport and tell you that you are free to go.

If a little fetish phone sex stirs that cock of yours,  give your favourite English girl a call!