True Sex Confessions

We ALL have secrets, but I want to know about the ones that you keep hidden. The kind of secrets that are so naughty that the thought of being exposed makes you weak in the knees. Whether you are wanting a way to get the weight of your secret off of your chest or you are looking for unbiased advice. True Sex Confessions are a great way to get that weight off of your shoulders.

Kinky Sex Stories

Are dying to tell your partner about that kinky sex fantasy of yours, but you’re too afraid of how they will react? There are no judgments here, babe. I want to hear ALL about your sex fantasy. Divulge your kinkiest fantasies to me; maybe you secretly crave being pegged. I would love to help you live out that fantasy! There are so many different sex positions that we can try. It may just help to give you the courage that you need to confess your fantasy to your partner. Or, it can be our secret fantasy that only the two of us will share together.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

That “work seminar” last summer was not as lame as you told everyone it was, was it? The guilt that you have is eating you alive and you are just dying to come clean. Tell me about it, babe. Unload all of your guilt and shame to me with Phone Sex Therapy. I doubt that your little secret is as dirty as you think it is, but Confession Calls will definitely make you feel better about your True Sex Confessions.

That’s Not Weird At All…

There are SO many types of fetishes that it would take me days to list them all. What may seem like a weird sex fetish to one person could be the only way that you are able to reach a mind-blowing orgasm. If you are wondering if your fetish is ‘normal’ just ask me. I’ll be completely open with you and tell you my honest, personal opinion. With all of the weird sex fetishes out there, if it makes you happy and isn’t hurting anyone; let your freak flag fly baby! Check out this blog about a sissy cuckold confession.

Turn Your Hot Phone Sex Call Into Your Own Personal Blog Post By Submitting Your True Sex Confessions

Each week, I will turn one of your True Sex Confessions into a blog post, with full discretion given to you. Unless of course, you are aching to be exposed! In that case, I will be sure that EVERYONE knows all of your naughty secrets. Call me and confess your deepest, darkest secrets. Send me pictures of you acting out your kinky desires. If you are lucky, your confession call may just turn into your own personal blog post on The Kinky Kingdom.