Dinner fit for a King

Erotic Literature is always a favorite of mine. This Story starts out like any other Saturday evening. I was in the bedroom folding laundry when Tony came in an said he was fixing Dinner. I was a little shocked cause Tone never fixes dinner. However, I wasn’t going to complain. He said we were having Steak, Mash potatoes, and Green beans. Sounds great to me I said. Time went on and I kept cleaning the house.

Dinner was Done

Tim walked into the living room where I was dusting. This is when it starts to turn into one of those crazy sex stories He had rope with him. Without saying a word he Tied the rope to my hand. Asking what he was doing he told me to be quiet and follow him. We got to the kitchen and Tony told me to get undress. I told him he was crazy! He spun me around forced me down to the kitchen table. Tying my wrist to the table leg. Fighting him telling him what does he think he is doing He puts a rag into my mouth.

The Fight

Tying the other wrist to the table. Now face up on the table fully dressed cause I refused Tony that. My hands tied to a table leg and can’t scream. Thinking what is this man I have loved for the past 6 years doing to me.   Has he lost his mind? Tony then takes the other leg a Ties it to a Table Leg. Then the same for the other leg. I’m half shaking afraid what he might do next. I’m now laying on our kitchen table that my mother gave me when we got this house face up helpless spread eagle.

 Cum Whore


In the corner of my eye, I see Tony walking towards me with a pair of scissors. OMG is Tony going to hurt me. I started to cry as he cut my clothes off. This is how I was going to die. Tony walked over to the stove. He brought over the mash potatoes and put them on my hip bone. Being very careful placing the gravy in the middle. Green beans were placed over my other hip bone. The steak was placed right above my clit. The heat from it all was really getting me going. Tony wasn’t going to kill me. I was his dinner plate! Tony had scared me. Loving every minute of it! The hardcore sex we had that night was amazing.

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