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Reading Erotic Literature to you in bed is a thrill. Doing things we don’t always make time to do is always a treat. Stroking my naked body under the sheets while taking a deep breath before a naughty word leaves you breathless. Moving my hand slowly over to your thigh I continue to read while caressing your warm skin. Taking my desire to another level my breath deepens.

Grinding against your leg while describing the sexual acts of another couple inspires us both, only we’ll go further. Taking the book from my hand and bringing my arm up above my head I lay ready. Kissing my neck brings a lustful moan to the surface. Staring into my eyes with penetrating your woman as your intention. Willing to take you in I beg for your cock. Growing my need for you to thrust deep within my hot wet pussy you begin to tease me.

“I long only for you”

Licking down the center of my stomach you ease your wicked tongue inside of my clenching hole. Pussy Eating is a talent of yours that no other can compare. Beginning with a book filled with erotic sex stories brings us the right to the devouring of my little pussy. Eating your meal and licking your chops at me only makes me beg for your throbbing dick more. Needing you without further delay I command you to fuck me. Denying me any further than this would be cruel, and unlike Guided Masturbation, you can have all of me. Lifting my long legs up and over your shoulders you grip that fat cock and shove it inside of me. More I cry!

I always have more naughty sex stories to tell…

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