Erotic Literature With This Hot Babe Presents: A Welcome Home

This erotic literature is dedicated to that hard working man, who just needs a Queen at his side. I got excited to hear your keys entering into the lock of the door. I know it has been a very long day for you, and I couldn’t wait to make it the best night of your life. It is in my opinion, that a good girlfriend and wifey should always make the next night better than the last. As you came in the door I could see the look of defeat on your face. However, there I was standing in front of you wearing the sexy bra and panties, thigh high stockings and pumps, and placing a kiss on your cheek. You looked as though you were in a world of Heaven every time I greet you at the door.

Erotic Literature With Corey Presents: A Welcome Home

I walked towards the bathroom and called you in there with me running a hot shower for my handsome stud. 10 minutes into the shower, I slipped in after sliding off my lingerie. I began to scrub and wash your back kissing the back of your arms and massaging your ass. The two of us begin to entangle tounges in a hot romantic kiss. Then, down onto my knees, I went. I began sucking your cock as the warm shower coated us both and it’s wetness. As I slipped up and down every last inch of you, you placed a hand on the back of my head making me feel at ease. My beautiful brown eyes closed as I pleasured you only listening to the sound of you groan, and the shower hitting the ceramic tub.

Then it was off to the bedroom.

I was going to rock your fucking world. You laid back and tucked your hands behind his head. As I crawled up from your feet you gave me a big huge menacing grin. You knew what was coming next, and just the thought of me riding your dick was keeping you at a full attention. I sandwiched your cock between my beautiful pussy lips grinding up towards the tip. Your hands moved to guide towards my waist. Then, with the permission of your throbbing fuck stick, I slid slowly onto you letting him feel how tight your girl was. You felt so fucking good throbbing inside of me, loud whimpers left my mouth as I pleasured myself and you at the same time. Gently you moved his arm behind my back and rolled me onto mine.

I Love These Erotic Pleasures With You

With great force, you rolled your hips shoving his cock deep inside of my pussy. Your mouth moved its way over my hard erect nipples, as you continued to fuck me. I came so hard all over your dick coating you in my sweet juices. The finale ended up in the living room. You sat in your favorite chair and I sucked your cock. On my knees, I looked up at you with my brown hair swooped to the side. My beautiful eyes stared at you sensually as I tasted every inch of you on my tongue. Then, you stuffed your cock as far into me as you could and blew your massive load. That’s when I finished cooking dinner like a good girlfriend and wifey and smiled happily from pleasing my man.

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