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A couple of weeks ago, I asked you all to submit your True Sex Stories. If you haven’t sent your Real Sex Confessions; click – – >HERE<- – and share yours with me now! If you like this Real Sex Confession, you should check out this True Sex Confession about Pegging.

Sissy Cuckold’s* anonymous sex confession is:


I have a crazy fetish that I am, quite frankly, ashamed of. For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed dressing up as a woman. I do not wish to BE a woman, but I can not get hard or have an orgasm unless I am wearing sexy lingerie.

My naughty drawer is overflowing with numerous negligees and toys; I also have a pair of “stripper heels” that I often wear. As soon as I come home from work; I change into a sexy outfit, put on my heels and a wig and spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting my makeup. Because of my job, I am required to wear a uniform and my career would be over if anyone found out about my secret. When I am feeling wicked kinky, I wear a pair of pantyhose. My legs are kept shaved and/or waxed because the feeling of the pantyhose rubbing against me makes my dick ache.

Sissy Phone Sex

I have only been with one other woman in my life and she turned me into a sissy cuckold. I was hesitant at first, but when we started, I loved every minute of it! She forced me to watch her fuck other men because I couldn’t please her the way that a real man can. The closest that I ever got to her pussy was when she would straddle my face after he came inside her pussy, and then she would make me open my mouth so that his cum would drip into my mouth. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to find another woman like her, I’m extremely worried that my naughty secret will be exposed. Can I be your virtual Sissy Cuckold? Would you force me to cross-dress while we have sissy phonesex? I have always wanted to suck a real cock before, can you force me to do that?

*Name Has Been Changed


Dear Sissy Cuckold,

Of course, you can be my Sissy Cuckold. However, I do have rules, and you MUST obey them. Your ex-girlfriend sounds like a bad-ass! Luckily for you, I’m kind of a badass myself. Once you fully submit to me, you WILL be forced to do many things. Your sole purpose in life is to do whatever it takes to keep me happy. Your first assignment is to schedule an appointment for a call tomorrow. I will have my fuck buddy over and I want you to know what you’re getting yourself into.








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