Sex Toys

If you and I have ever talked before, then you are fully aware of my obsession with sex toys…and shoes. I absolutely love shoes and I have been known to purchase an entire outfit just to match my shoes. Today, I thought that I would tell you about my very first sex toy experience; and let you all in on a little true sex confession of mine…




My obsession with sex toys started during my marriage, my pathetic ex-husband just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. A friend and I were out for a day of shopping, for shoes of course; when we drove by a sex store. We looked at each other, with mischievous grins on both of our faces, and pulled right in!

Thankfully my friend was well educated in the vast array of sex toys that the sex shop offered. Fully aware of my unfulfilling sex life, she took my hand and led me straight to the dildos. I could not believe my eyes! There were so many dildo options, who would have thought? Certainly not sex toy virgin Brittany! The store offered Phone Controlled Sex Toys, Anal Dildos, Double Dildos, G-Spot Dildos, Giant Dildos, Glass Dildos, Realistic Dildos, and Vibrating Dildos.

After searching for hours, yes, literally HOURS. I finally decided to purchase a beautiful clear Glass Beaded Dildo. It was 7 inches long, which was MUCH bigger than my husband’s tiny 2-inch cock.




Unfortunately, my husband was home from work early that day. Which meant that I had to wait until he was passed out in bed before I could sneak my way downstairs to my office to test out my brand new sex toy! As I made myself comfortable in my office chair, with my legs propped up and spread open on my desk; a rush of adrenaline poured over me. I was nervous, excited and scared; all at the same time. Damn! I sure do hope this thing gets me off. It’s been years since a cock with any sort of girth and length has pounded this pussy…

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke