SEX was just a chore anymore

It was the 5th time in a row I had told the husband NO to SEX. I knew the headache story wasn’t going to last much longer. I would have to fuck him soon. I’m not sure when sex became boring. I just went through the actions. Suck his cock, Lay on my back then for the cum shot, turn over and give him my ass. Same way every time. Yeah, it was exciting the first few times. After hundreds not so much. It was just easier to try to put it off than not cumming ever.

The Day that all changed

I woke up to Trevor’s cock in my face. Opening my eyes I scream MY GOD Trevor! Really put that thing away! You are ridiculous! I have to go to work. Getting dress Trevor makes a few comments that this is going to stop. A man has needs. That I was going to start pleasing him. I just kept blowing him off. Like really Trevor what are you going to do about it. You don’t have a backbone in your body! Maybe if you did a little more to spice things up I’d be happy to get your cock off! Then I left for work.

Returning from work

Assuming like any other day I was sure Trevor was going ask for sex again. This time I was going to have to give in. Just to keep the peace. As I walked into the door there was no Trevor reading his paper like he always was. Instead, I found a Note saying if I valued our Marriage I needed to meet him at his office. Not wanting to lose my marriage I complied and got back into the car. Driving to the office I was thinking what could Possibly Trevor want em at his office for. He was a Doctor for and there was nothing in his office. There was 4 patients room his office and the front lobby.

The Office Visit

Walking into his office I see no one was around as he met me in the lobby. I look at him and say what the hell is going on here? He told me to Shut up and get undressed. Looking at him I knew he was serious I’ve never seen him like this before. Shocked I looked at him and stood there. Trevor just looked at me saying Hurry up Sweet Angel do what you’re told! Walking away. I listened as I was told. Stripping to only my heels. I started walking through the halls to only find Trevor in one of the patient rooms ordering me up on the table.

 Medical Sex

Our New Lifestyle

Trevor took me on that table. Mind-body and soul belong to him. He strapped me to the table. Fucked my Brains out. There were times it hurt. There were times I cummed more than I ever thought I could. Above all, he took our marriage back. He took my Body back!

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