Do you ever look at a couple and think, “Why are those two together?” When a bombshell gorgeous girl clings onto the arm of an average guy, it feels like something tipped wrong in the universe. He dresses in khaki cargo shorts and clomps around in clunky crocs. While she reflects nothing but radiance, the Queen floats on rose petals, and laughter floats on the breeze like the sound of angels’ wings. What in the world has happened here? First, you may assume he has money. Next, your mind might jump to the idea that he has a huge dick. But he doesn’t exude Big Dick Energy. To keep a great relationship intact, cucked losers accept their girlfriends need to be a teen blonde fucked hard by somebody else’s big dick.

If you love me, let me go… be a teen blonde fucked hard

Stepping out on a partner feels so last century interesting. Solid relationships built on trust may include cucking from time to time. Especially if the hotwife, for example, isn’t getting the cock she deserves. Loser men know they can’t please their wives and girlfriends. So they should be open and embrace the probability of a cuckolding situation. An unsatisfied girl’s mood feels brutal the longer she goes without a good dicking down. If your little penis got hard and squirted suddenly the moment she touched it, he deserves premature ejaculation humiliation. Seek help immediately if you don’t bring an offering of tacos, chocolate, and wine. Although, a teen blonde fucked hard comes around fairly quickly. A big cock might be a reasonable substitute in lieu of tacos (but this varies state by state).

Sarah smiles like Sarah doesn’t care

Beta bitches and cucked loser boyfriends earn their place in the bedroom.  If cucked bitch ass losers earn the privilege of listening, or even better yet, sitting in the same room while she’s acting on her slutty fantasies, then they have to know their place. Cucked men must respect their women. And stroke their little penis when they’ve been given specific instructions. The whining and begging to get sucked or fucked while Sarah gets plowed will just make her smile and edge him further. She doesn’t give a shit how bad her tiny dick boyfriend wants it. Sure, she loves him, but she needs to focus on getting that good D. Once a teen blonde fucked hard squirts, then she allows her beta bitch to clean her cunt up if he earned it.

Haven’t you people ever heard of closing the damn door (…no?)

If he hasn’t earned it, then he still needs to deliver snacks and fluids to the door. Then he can sit and listen to his girl moaning in pleasure as somebody else fucks her in his bed. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.


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