When taking calls, I never intentionally laugh out loud at anyone. In fact, I’m more likely to sob instead of giggle. I do a lot of role plays where I am spanked for being a naughty schoolgirl who teases her daddy or teachers too much. Big, fat babygirl tears roll down my cheeks in those cases. Then I whimper and whine about being a good girl and saying I’m sorry. But this I had an accidental premature ejaculation humiliation call the other day that had me crying a different kind of tears. I was crying alright – with laughter at this sad, pathetic loser!

So… what are you into (other than getting inside of me)

If we’ve never spoken before, then I like to get to know you a bit first before we dive right in. I ask your likes and dislikes and if you have any specific fetishes. (Even if we know each other pretty well, I still want to gauge a guy’s mood before I climb him like a tree!) Some guys know, even if we’ve never spoken, the exact, specific fantasy they want to discuss and premature ejaculation humiliation never enters the picture. They know who they want me to “be” and how innocent or slutty they want me to behave. They need a slutty little thing with a dirty mind to match. Maybe they’ve been stroking for a while and just want to cum while I finger my soaking pussy.

Then there’s this guy… And he’s in desperate need of some premature ejaculation humiliation

You and I both know I’m hot as fuck. We all go into a call knowing this. So it shouldn’t be a shock when I pick up the phone and you hear a voice that launched a thousand dicks. (That pun doesn’t really work, does it?) I mean to say I’m Helen of Toy as in sex toy. (Nevermind.) When I picked up the phone, he nearly came all over himself with excitement. I giggled because I didn’t expect him to wilt so easily by a simple greeting. He said he was close to cumming the second we started talking about fucking. I told him to “think about Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day” ala Austin Powers. But that didn’t help. Then I knew he was all in for some premature ejaculation humiliation.

Do you need some fucking tweezers to put that little thing away?

I told the loser how pathetic he was and how humiliating it must be to cum so fast. He whimpered about wanting to do a full call but he knew he wasn’t a real man. I’ve only ever heard whimpering like that during forced bimbo feminization! The only thing I was forcing him to do was take a real look at how pathetic he was getting off so quick! I told him he couldn’t keep it up and probably didn’t satisfy any women in his life. Ever. He almost certainly experienced premature ejaculation humiliation with any woman he’d ever even touched before! Come to think of it, he probably had a teeny, tiny little clit of a dick.

How sad to be rubbing that raisin and blowing his load the second he heard me breathe! We could have had so much fun together but he just had to go and ruin it squeezing his Twinky cream. I was still laughing at him as I told him to go find some tweezers to go put his thing away.


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