It’s hard to say exactly when forced bimbo feminization came onto my radar. One of my earliest catches named Chad learned the pleasure given to a forced sissy boyfriend. And, as you know, I enjoy my status as a young teen pegging queen to sluts with sissy pussies in desperate need of filling. But those are typically one-on-one experiences. Recently, I co-starred in a special forced bimbo feminization session with Mistress Aileen. We giggled and humiliated a “real man” into the bimbo we knew SHE could be!

Although we come at it from different angles, we both love to play with our forced bimbo feminization clients!

A fairly frequent phone sex caller suggested he could handle a two-girl roleplay with humiliatrix Aileen and me.  He already experienced Aileen’s hard-hitting feminization via humiliation phone sex. Additionally, he spoke to me about a sensual transition from Average Joe into a Malibu Barbie Bimbo. (The look came together with a new haircut, pink lipstick, 6″ stilettos, and a pushup bra to fill out a sparkly pink dress.) But he had never come to the “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” Salon with Aileen and River before. And he had absolutely no idea what he signed up for, either! Mistress Aileen feels more serious, while I tend to be slightly more giggly delivering forced bimbo feminization humiliation to our tag-teamed callers. It makes it even more fun – for us!

Have a seat in the salon chair and let us make you into the pretty pink bimbo princess of your dreams!

Mistress Aileen and I paired pretty perfectly as we prodded and pecked at our blushing bimbo caller. Divine dominatrix Aileen led the charge during the forced bimbo feminization while I sweetly swept up the pieces left by her assault on his senses. She shaved his nape while I snipped at his fringe. Then we bleached and painted some bright pink highlights into his – I’m sorry – her hair. We gleefully reveled as she whimpered, whined, and fell apart. I loved how turned on it made me double teaming someone with Mistress Aileen!

The more dominant I become, the more turned on I am. And I’m never more dominant than when I’m co-starring in double domme forced bimbo feminization

Poor “Kylee” (our new pretty bimbo princess) acted horrified as if she had no idea what was happening when we shaved her nape, cut her hair, threw some lashes on her, and tossed some sexy heels on her feet. The final step was really when I threw the Cindi Lauper music on. Mistress Aileen and I laughed out loud and cheered Kylee on, telling her to take pride in her new look! All of the other girls in the salon were watching and laughing at her humiliating expense. She might as well own her forced bimbo feminization experience!


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