My forced sissy boyfriend had exactly two “gay” encounters before we met. First, I don’t think looking at another man’s dick in the shower at the gym and thinking, “Hey, that’s fine” makes you gay. Just like accidentally tapping a guy’s balls when you’re reaching for a foul basketball doesn’t make you queer. “What DOES make a guy into a raging sissy fuck then?” I’m so glad you asked because I turned my boyfriend into one.

Am I a sissy (or do I just have good taste)?

As you know, I enjoy my status as a young teen pegging queen. But sissies don’t necessarily have to love taking cock to dress up like a pretty princess. Maybe they just like looking at dicks, or tasting them with their sweet whore mouthes. Like John Mulaney says: “Who’s to say?” Before my forced sissy boyfriend had a good answer, I asked him to watch Enchanted with me.


He hummed that song for the next week! When I asked why it made such an impression, he said because it was so sweet. And that changed everything for him. I treated him much more gently and even got him to wear some of my soft t-shirts just to get him used to the fabric! My forced sissy boyfriend had no idea what was headed his way.

It’s time we have The Talk

Anal feels amazing. I rushed into anal sex pretty quickly because it just sort of “happened” with a guy who “missed” and put his thick dick in the wrong hole. Now I love it but it was pretty shocking to start. I asked my not yet forced sissy boyfriend if he liked his ass played with and he said under no circumstances would that happen. And it didn’t happen, not until I bought a new toy. Somehow it slipped out of me while climbing on top of him. It landed right where his sissy pussy should be. He groaned and begged for more.  Game on, darling. Game fucking on.

My forced sissy boyfriend takes it

Just as he was about to cum, I took the toy away. He whined like a little bitch and I laughed out loud.  He had no idea I had a strap-on in the drawer. I returned to bed and demanded he roll over and lift his ass up. Shocked, he barked at me, “I’m NOT gay!” And I just laughed some more. “You’ll never feel this pussy again unless you get that sissy pussy of yours presented to me. Now.”

He reluctantly rolled over and arched his back. The moment I teased the head of my purple strap-on against his starfish, I knew I had him.  Pure sissy fuck joy came out of him in a howl when I pushed in. He hissed about not being gay and how big it was, but you know what? The next day when he mentioned sex, my forced sissy boyfriend asked, “So do you keep that purple thing in the dresser or…”

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