Reverse sissy hypnosis turns panty-wearing girly boys into Real Men*. The sluttiest bimbo needs two things in order to clear her mind and reverse her whorish ways. First, you need to decide that you really, really want it. Because the desire to suck a dick is real and powerful, it won’t be easy. Next, you need a guiding hand like me to help you navigate putting your dick back in some cunt. Once you remember what a great set of tits and a tight, slick pussy like mine feels like, you’ll never go back to your sissy ways again.   *Some exclusions apply.

Reverse sissy hypnosis

When you pull up your big girl panties someday, you may want to undo your sissification. Reverse sissy hypnosis may be as hard as that little clit in your silky mommy’s panties. But you know the torture of not having enough dick shoved into that sissy pussy of yours, right? They feel similar – in a way.  We just need to get you feeling that same way about pussy and you’ll feel much better about yourself. And who better to help a sissy ass bitch get her shit together than a sexy slut like me?

Let’s get you a spine, Chad

I don’t know how you became a sissy and honestly, I don’t care. I enjoy making and breaking sissies, just like my forced sissy boyfriend. When you come to me asking for reverse sissy hypnosis, don’t expect to ease into it. Hypnosis hits hard – just like that gaping hole of yours experienced. That starfish has been pounded into oblivion by any cock and strapon that comes your way.  But no more! Give up that cum gargling and man up, little Susie.

What’s that in your pants?

This may be a bit of a stretch but think about the last time you had that dick in a pussy. Has it ever been inside a cunt? If that cock felt the sweet embrace of pussy, your reverse sissy hypnosis transition feels a bit easier. But if you’ve always been a sloppy cum addicted on her knees in a bar bathroom stall, we have a lot more work to do.

How does reverse sissy hypnosis work?

Reverse sissy hypnosis works best when I ease you into a deep state of relaxation first. Listen to my soothing voice explaining how to release tension and feel freer to suggestions. That helps break down some of those addictive walls, sort of like breaking through a gag reflex. Imagine that clit in your panties feels heavy, thick, and long.

Focus on the idea that every woman wants you. Reverse sissy hypnosis makes you believe every woman you come across desperately needs that dick. You can get, keep, and satisfy any pussy you want. Big-Dick Chad gets whatever he wants in life. He wants money, wealth, power, and women. When you forget your sissy ways, you become Big-Dick Chad. And he gets his dick sucked whenever the fuck he wants.

When you’re ready, let’s get to work!

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